How do you use your MTH Calendar?

Several years ago I got tired of all the office work involved in the business of teaching music.  I just want to teach children to play the piano!  I realized with thousands of teachers just like me, there had to be many that were also frustrated with running the office of their small teaching business. That very day I searched the web hoping someone had developed software to make this part of our job easier.
My piano fingers quickly typed words, “music teachers help” into my search bar and instantly  found Music Teachers Helper!  I couldn’t believe my luck when my search produced results for what I was looking!

Keeping the lesson schedule organized before I found the MTH web calendar was often overwhelming.  I found keeping records of schedule changes most inconvenient. Additionally, parents and students often forgot what time lessons were scheduled and even more so when there was a schedule change.

As I began using my calendar I found many wonderful features that not only keep the schedule neat and organized but with the option of color coded categories, I am quickly able to view my calendar and note colors that instantly remind me of changes.  Being very busy and also very visual, a quick look at my calendar shows me canceled, swapped, or make up lessons on any given day. I also color code such things as; part time students, reminders to myself of notes to send every year or on a set date of each year or month, reminders to myself to change my lesson notes, and even add my own personal information when I think it will be helpful.

I look forward to sharing some of my ideas with you as I begin to blog with MTH and look forward to hearing all your ideas as well.

May the rest of your day be hassle free because you are using MTH!

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Music Instructor JKroll

I teach in my home studio in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

My musical background began as a young child and continued at the music department of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. I sang with the Minnesota All State Choir and the Concordia Choir, when I was young. I have been teaching students to play the piano for 15 years. I have also been very involved with music at... [Read more]


  1. Reuben Vincent

    Welcome to the team! You seem to be getting much more out the MTH calendar than me. You’ve inspired me to investigate. Thanks

  2. Mark Flegg

    Nice article, welcome to the blog! I’m curious, what do the designations “computer” and “no computer” on your calendar signify?

  3. JKroll

    Thanks Reuben and Mark! I am excited to begin yet another adventure!

    Mark, since I offer computer theory programs in my home studio I must schedule the computer sessions as well as the lesson. Often parents forget what time is the lesson and what time is the computer. Additionally they may forgo the computer portion of the lesson when ever necessary. By placing the computer time after the name, it allows the parent to log on to refresh their memory and/or receive that information when a reminder is sent.

    Note: You may place anything you wish in the “name” section. I also note when a lesson is canceled by typing that after the name. Additionally I select the category “canceled lesson” which color codes the lesson so I may quickly review my calendar and without any trouble, view the lessons that have been canceled.

    Have a super day everyone!

  4. Sandy

    I use it for lessons, then add musical events going on in the community and the parents/students and I can see what public enrichment is available. It doesn’t reliably sync to my Google Calendar, though, where I store tasks and calendars for my other job, so I haven’t gotten as into it as I could. The color coding is nice. Some of my parents love using it to cancel and reschedule lessons and I appreciate that a lot because then it’s just done!

  5. Claire

    I love MTH. I had a flyer sent to my email about the programme around a year ago but it didn’t really need it as my Filofax delt with everything fine as I only had 10 students. But when I tried to find it later when my studio suddenly increased by 30 pupils over night I found it incredibly hard to locate because I couldn’t remember the name. I found it eventually and I am sooooo glad I did. It’s awesome.

  6. Jennifer Cohen

    How do you color code the lesssons? That sounds like a great tool, especially for those rescheduled lessons from the original time!

  7. Eric Beaty

    I mainly use my calendar to keep up with lesson notes for the previous weeks. I color code as well and typically use the monthly calendar layout but after seeing how much clearer the color coding is on the weekly layout I’m going to start experimenting with it more. Thanks for the great post!