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How To Create And Use Flyers

Flyers can be an inexpensive and effective means of promoting your business. Here are a few thoughts on the subject:

You don’t need to have them professionally designed and printed. If you have a copy of Word on your computer, you can use this template to get started and then customize it with your own text and copy:

To add pictures or eye catching graphics, try a free photo archive site like the following and grab a few photographs:

If you want to modify the photo or add text to it, try using this incredibly easy to use free online program:

Once you’re happy with your flyer, I would recommend printing it out on brightly colored paper like the following to catch people’s eyes as they pass by the flyer. Bright yellow seems to work for me as red can be a little hard to read, but this example is in red:

If you have a printer at home, you can save some expense and print it out in black against the brightly colored paper. Another option, if you want to save some money, is to print out one black and white copy on white paper and buy a ream of the paper I referenced above. Take it to your local copier place, swap out the white paper in the machine with the bright paper, and just xerox the original copy onto the colored paper. Instant, cheap color flyers.

Then just take a pair of scissors to the tabs on the bottom and split them apart for easy tearing.

Buy a box of thumbtacks, the old school kind with the big flat heads on them. Use them to hang your flyers on bulletin boards instead of staples or tape. The harder it is to remove your flyer, the better chance you have of having it stay on the board longer than someone that uses easy-to-tear-off tape. Thumbtacks are sturdy and hard to remove without pulling a nail off, so odds are that someone who wants to tear your flyer down and replace it with theirs will give up and leave it where it is.

Good places to hang them are grocery store bulletin boards on Fridays before the masses do their grocery shopping on the weekends, laundromats, coffee shops, and anywhere that your target market goes on a day to day basis. I bet you can come up with a list of at least twenty places without really thinking about it.

You should be able to do this campaign for about $50 total cost, enough to put flyers up once a week for a few months. If you get even one student from it, two lessons at $25 per will pay for the entire campaign and the rest is money in your pocket. All it takes it time and effort.

Hope this helped. If you have any successful techniques or related experiences please share them. Have a safe and happy new year!

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  1. Chris Foley

    In my community, I’ve found that leaving flyers in people’s mailboxes has the best chance of having potential students call back and eventually sign up for lessons.

    And don’t forget to list the address of your Music Teacher’s Helper website prominently on the flyer, as well as your website’s online registration features–if a parent is interested, often the first thing they’ll do is go online to learn more about your studio!

  2. pwolf

    That’s a great tip Chris – just a word of warning on the flyers though…depending on your area, it may be illegal to put anything in mailboxes that aren’t stamped and weren’t routed through the USPS. It is in Chicago, and I believe each instance of it counts as a seperate offense. Check your local laws before attempting it.

    Of course, you could also rubber band it to the outside of the mailbox or a door handle also as a workaround…

  3. Craig Tompkins

    As Chris says, in Canada we have various means of getting flyers distributed. With Canada Post, it’s possible to have them delivered to specified postal codes (eg. the neighbourhoods around a high school) for a reduced (bulk) postal rate. It’s also possible to have flyers included with the delivery of community papers.

  4. pwolf

    Wow, what a great (and inexpensive) way to get them out there. I wish they had something comparable for the USPS. Newspapers in my area do allow you to include your flyer as an insert but it’s usually at a premium cost.

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