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How to Design a Stunning Recital Program

It’s been such a pleasure collaborating with Andrea West. She’s a piano teacher and graphic designer. Andrea recently created some stunning graphics for recital programs and a video on how to create your program and I want to share them with you.

You can check out all her designs here.

Once you find a design you like, Andrea steps you through the process of how to use your favorite graphic to create your recital program in Word in the video below. Even if you don’t use Word, you’ll find her tips helpful when using Pages or Google Docs!

Full disclosure: The designs are found at the Piano Teacher Planning Center at my blog Usually, I wouldn’t write about “products”  featured in my own store but, I believe that Andrea provides such value in her video and her graphics that I felt compelled to share them here at

Here’s what teachers have been saying about the video and the graphics:

“I just finished creating my spring recital program following Andrea’s step-by-step video instructions. She made it so easy! I love the template she created as it really makes my program cover pop! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love it!”

-Paula W

“That tutorial was much better than some of the classes that I have taken in the past that I had to pay for!”

-Leisa J

Don’t worry about taking notes as Andrea also provided written instructions with plenty of graphics for visual learners like me. Click here to access the download.

There’s more…here’s a link to the free recital template Andrea talks about in the video.

One more thing, save on ink and spare yourself from printer frustrations by joining MTNA and taking advantage of their member benefits card. Show up with your “magic card” and you’ll get close to 60% your printing costs! Learn more here.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Additional ways to amplify your graphic

The word “amplify” means to increase or enlarge. Why not get the most out of your graphic and put it to work beyond the recital cover? Here are tips on how to take advantage of cool graphics and increase traffic to your studio.


Amplification is exactly what good friend, fellow piano teacher and my online piano student, Debbie Moore did.  screen-shot-2017-04-05-at-11-17-15-amDebbie brought in her Jazzy Piano graphic to a local t-shirt store and asked them to design a t-shirt logo with the graphic.

Debbie limited the colors of the design to black and white to save money and had the design printed on colorful t-shirts. She gave a t-shirt to each of her students after the recital.

Why is this SUCH a stellar idea? The souvenir t-shirts cost $7 each. This may seem extravagant for a tight budget but, Debbie gave her students a snazzy t-shirt and also gave her studio some great exposure. As she lives very close to two schools and was driving by the playground, she saw students proudly wearing their recital t-shirts. BRILLIANT marketing!

Book Bags

Not into t-shirts? What about using the graphic to create book bags for your students?

I uploaded Jazzy Piano at Vista Print and kicked out this prototype cinch sack in minutes. I don’t know about yours, but my students beat up their book bags! I think I may be ordering some very soon.

95Wristbands or Trophies

One year I created customized slap bands and ordered them from I checked and you can upload your own artwork at this site.

If you order trophies for students, you can upload your own image into “insert trophies.” Check out the options at Crown Awards.

Coffee Mugs

Like coffee? Look at this fancy coffee mug!

Marketing materials

Create postcard recital invitations for students to hand to friends and neighbors or a poster to hang at your students’ school.


Create Evite invitations. Use Evite as one more way of inviting/reminding parents about the recital date and time. It’s free and easy to use, and you can customize it with the same artwork as your recital cover to keep the theme consistent. This option will definitely save on printing costs!

Bonus: with Evite you can limit the number of guests, which you may need to do if you hold your recital in a small venue. Also, if you have more than one recital, Evite lets recipients add the date and time to their calendar, which will help them remember the correct performance time.

Create a Facebook cover. If you communicate regularly through your studio Facebook page, create a cover for your page with the same graphic as your program. This image was created at


Your options to amplify the use of Andrea’s graphics are limited only by your imagination.

Please let us know how you put your graphic to work for your studio. Andrea and I would be eager to hear your ideas!


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