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Improvements to Music Teacher’s Helper in June, 2009

Here is the list of things we’ve improved on Music Teacher’s Helper the past month or so, based on requests and feedback we’ve had from our members. These improvements aren’t as numerous as last month, but they certainly aren’t any less spectacular. Thanks for all your great feedback!

  • Feature: Make-up Lessons! You can now track how many make-up lessons each student has, and use up those make-up credits when creating or editing an event. To give a make-up lesson credit, choose the “Issue Credit” checkbox when reconciling the lesson. Then click “Issue Make-up Credit”. You can see your list of make-up credits under Lessons -> Make-up Lesson Credits. To use up a credit, click the checkbox that says, “This is a make-up lesson” when creating or editing an event. Enjoy!
  • Feature: Calendar Repeating Events by Day of the Week. For example, you can now create an event that repeats on the “2nd Tuesday of every month”.
  • Feature: Mileage Report! See a history of the miles or kilometers you’ve traveled within a specific date range. You can find this under the Reports page.
  • Feature: The Daily Summary Report now e-mails the report to each teacher between 4:00-5:00am in their time zone, rather than Eastern Time. You can set your time zone from Home -> Preferences.
  • Feature: Added currency option for Filipino Peso.
  • Feature: Added a link to our Twitter account on the Blog sidebar.
  • BugFix: New Custom Registration Form Fields weren’t saving properly.
  • BugFix: When a student fills out the registration form on your studio website, the notification that it was successful now appears larger and more clearly.

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Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce is the founder and CEO of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software program to help music teachers manage the business aspects of teaching music lessons.

A piano teacher and computer programmer himself, he created Music Teacher's Helper as a side project to manage his own students, and in 2004, made it available for music teachers worldwide.

Since then, it has grown to supp... [Read more]


  1. Craig Tompkins

    I really like the catch-up lesson credit idea! Where is the “issue credit” check box located on the reconcile lessons page? I can’t seem to find it.

  2. Brandon Pearce

    @Craig – I’m glad you like the make-up lessons feature. This has been requested by a lot of teachers, so you can thank them. 🙂

    You can find the option under the “Issue Credit” section of the lesson reconcile form. Note: You can’t do this when reconciling multiple lessons at once – it only appears on the individual reconcile form, which you can get to from the home page, or by clicking a lesson on the calendar.

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