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Interested In Learning More About The Music Teacher’s Helper Affiliate Program?

Tomorrow, April 2nd at 2p.m. eastern time, we will be holding our first affiliate program webinar. We will be going over the basics of the program – how to sign up, promotion options, and best practices. It’s open to anyone, and you do not have to be a current Music Teacher’s Helper user, or signed up for the affiliate program.

You may click here to sign up or future webinars.

You may click the logo to sign up for future webinars.

We will have actual examples of good and bad promotion techniques. If you are interested in making money by promoting Music Teacher’s Helper to your peers, or have already signed up but are not sure where to start, this informational webinar is perfect for you.

Andrew, Music Teacher’s Helper’s marketing director will answer¬†questions related to the affiliate program at the end of the webinar.

You can sign up here for this webinar. Also, check out any of our other training webinars, including recordings, on using specific parts of the software.


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