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Issues with AOL & Yahoo Email Resolved!

aolyahooWe appreciate your continued use of Music Teacher’s Helper services, and want to assure you that your satisfaction is our highest priority. Recently, and AOL implemented a policy change on their email servers that immediately affects not only all Yahoo & AOL email users, but also third party email servers such as Music Teacher’s Helper.


Recently, Yahoo and AOL changed its DMARC policy to stop fraudulent emails. In response, many email receivers started bouncing emails sent from Yahoo and AOL email addresses within MTH.


We have fixed the issue for emails sent from AOL and Yahoo email addresses. You can now change your email address under “Settings” back to your AOL or Yahoo address. Thanks for your understanding and patience while we created a fix for the issue.

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  1. Greg Etheridge

    How did you fix the issue with AOL and Yahoo? We are having the same problem and need a fix as well. Thanks

  2. James

    Thank you for the guidance.

  3. Michael

    You guys really help me out . I really need this information.

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