Lots of Improvements

It’s been two months since we last posted a list of the updates we’ve been making to Music Teacher‘s Helper. Here’s a massive list of all the changes we’ve made since May 14. We’ve bolded the items we think you’ll be most excited about.

May Improvements

  • The invoice history list now shows the due date of the invoice, if there is one. This will enable you to more quickly find the invoices that are due on a certain date.
  • International customers (outside of United States) can now pay directly with a credit card as well, and are not restricted to using Paypal.
  • When editing web pages, each teacher now has their own private image folder which links also to your photo gallery.
  • You can now more easily spice up your website announcements with links, images, and more.
  • New video tutorial covering the studio website. It shows how to put photos up along side the text on your pages, and even how to embed a YouTube video.
  • Added Practice Log. You can now see how much your students are practicing! Your students can login to their account from home and record their practice times, or you can do it for them during their lesson. Students can also enter notes about their practice session for you to read. Music Teacher’s Helper also shows a bar chart so you can visually see how much your students are practicing. It will also show you the top practicers in each skill level. To view the practice log, go to Students -> Practice log. Your students and their parents now have a “Practice” tab on the top when they login.

June Improvements

  • Added “Export to Excel” option on the Mileage Tracker
  • Added website links to the testimonials page so you can see the websites of those who have written testimonials. If you’d like your testimonial and a link to your website included on the testimonials page, send it on over!
  • Fixed calculation on home page of “Students Owing”
  • Changed the name of the “Reset Student Logins” to “Manage Student Logins”. This is the page under the “Students” -> “Student List” menu, where you can see when your students have last logged in, and can have new usernames and passwords automatically generated and sent to parents and students.
  • Fixed practice log “change” link to show date range option in Internet Explorer
  • If you pay by credit card (rather than Paypal), we now support prorating, so if you upgrade in the middle of your billing cycle, you’ll be upgraded right away and charged a prorated amount, rather than having to wait until your next billing cycle for the upgrade to take place.
  • Student’s phone number now shows on daily summary report. Several teachers requested this to help save time looking up phone numbers of students.
  • Fixed student account summary report to not log people out sporadically.
  • We are now sending out automatic reminders to teachers paying by credit card, one week before their credit card expires, to remind them to login to Music Teacher’s Helper and update their card information.
  • Added New Zealand dollar to currency symbol list.
  • Automatic fees now have the same wording no matter how they were created. (“Automatic lesson charge for [student name]”)
  • Files uploaded to the File Area that are corrupted or not completely uploaded, can now be deleted by the teacher.

July Improvements (so far)

  • You can now email your students lesson reminders and notes manually from the calendar. To use this feature, simply click the lesson on the calendar, click “Edit”, and at the bottom of the form, check the box to send the email. When you save the event, the email will be sent. Note that if the lesson is in the future, it will send a lesson reminder (using the Lesson Reminder template). If it’s in the past, it will use the Lesson Notes template. You can edit your email templates from Home -> Email Templates. A lot of you have asked for this feature, so we’re happy to get it up.
  • If you live outside the US, the country will no longer default to the United States when adding a new student. It will default to the your country that you set under Home -> My Account.
  • When exporting to Excel from the billing pages, the date will now be formatted in a way that Excel interprets as a date.
  • Made warning notifications actually show the messages rather than just “WARNING”.
  • Improved date entry boxes so you can now type the month and day and it will automatically put in the current year for you. For example, if you type “7/9”, it will convert it to “07/09/2008” (m/d/Y format). This should help the issues some have had with items getting saved in the 1970’s or 1999.
  • Fixed sporadic logout issues. Some teachers were reporting being taken back to the login screen sporadically. We believe we have fixed the issue, including the ability to be able to view pages on the main website (such as the features page) without being logged out. If you continue to experience problems being logged out unexpectedly, please let us know.

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