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Luxuriating in Music

I am currently in rehearsals for a show at Laguna Playhouse called I Left My Heart: A Salute to the Music of Tony Bennett.

The show charts the course of Tony Bennett’s career, and we get to sing some of the most beloved tunes in the American Songbook.

Working on these arrangements (by the brilliant Vince DiMura) and listening to how Mr. Bennett interpreted them over the years, I’m so struck by how much joy, heart, and honesty he gives every note and word.

It seems that he literally luxuriates in the music.

Got me thinking about how we as teachers have an opportunity in every lesson to share with our students the sheer joy of music making.

When we do, we encourage them to explore their own love and passion for music as well…and hopefully they will pass that gift to audiences in their performances.

We are lucky ducks, we music teachers…we spend our days in the beauty of music and sharing that with our students…easy to forget what a great gift that is.

So, let’s all remember what a incredible job we have…and let’s not ever squash the pure joy that comes from making good music…in ourselves or our students.

Now check out this video of Mr. Bennett!

Tony Bennett Fly Me To the Moon

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