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Meet the Customer Support Team

We are proud of our Customer Support Team and many of you have already worked with them on problems or questions that have come up. Now it is time to meet the people that make up this great team:

Elizabeth Biolchini graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Music. Upon graduation, Elizabeth traveled with her husband while he completed his military obligation. Six years ago they relocated to Michigan, where Elizabeth opened a private piano studio. She currently enjoys skiing and biking with her family and is an active member of the local music association.

Ronnie Currey teaches guitar, bass guitar, piano and voice to over forty private students. He is also the the Music Teacher’s Helper Director of Member Services as well as the editor for the blog and newsletter.

Ronnie was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee moving to the Denver area from Atlanta in 2000. Upon his arrival to Colorado Ronnie was hired by a Denver computer company as a sales executive, and within three months, promoted to manager. After nine months residing in Denver, Ronnie had signed up thirty private music students by leaving pamphlets at a local music store, and had to resign from his computer job. He currently teach between 40 and 45 students on guitar, piano, bass guitar and voice.

Amy McGlothlin is a saxophonist in Andover, MA. She currently is the professor of saxophone at Salem State College in Salem, MA and Gordon College in Wenham, MA. In addition to her college teaching, Amy maintains a studio of approximately 50-60 middle school and high school aged students. Amy specializes in teaching students with learning disabilities and is able to quickly tailor her teaching style to match each individual’s learning abilities. Amy is also a bagpiper and is the Pipe Major of the Clan MacPherson Pipes and Drums of North Andover, MA one of the United State’s oldest continuously operating bagpipe bands.

Ed Pearlman has focused on performing, teaching, and judging fiddle music for the past 25 years, throughout the USA and in Canada and Scotland. Before that, he studied with members of the Chicago and Boston Symphonies, and played with orchestras and chamber groups at Yale and in Boston.

He currently teaches at a conservatory and community music school in Maine.

Ed directed the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club in monthly workshops for 18 years, directed major concerts and festivals, and recorded a solo album and several with a fiddle orchestra and top soloists. In addition to Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle styles, Ed plays other Celtic, American, and Canadian fiddle music, classical and some jazz, klez and Hungarian.

Ed created and for 10 years ran a CD distribution company to bring music to the USA from Scotland, Atlantic Canada, Ireland, Brittany and Wales. He’s the music columnist for Scottish Life magazine.

Kristin Phillips has been studying piano since the age of 6 and with the guidance of her family and teachers, began teaching others by 14. After pursuing pedagogy in piano and business administration for a short time – to be continued at a later time, she transferred to studying church music ministry at Portland Bible College. She enjoys editing her website, writing in her spare time, teaching piano students of all ages, and teaching Sunday School at her church.

Ken Rhodes has been playing electric and classical gutiar since 1985. He lives behind the “Zion Curtain” in southern Utah and is currently working with two different bands. Although relatively new to teaching, Ken has two associates degrees in computers and a lot of patience, which both contribute to his ability to help answer questions posed to the Support Team.

Tiffanie Scarborough loves to help people, which is why she enjoys teaching and answering customer service e-mails. She has taught private flute lessons in Texas for about 11 years, piano lessons for about 5 or 6 years, and occassionally teaches a voice lesson or two. Her studio runs averages 65 active weekly-lesson students. She LOVES learning new things & learning about the latest gadgets and technology online and finding out all the details. She majored in Music and Math and therefore loves music theory, a great combination of the two subjects – She is close to finishing a Master’s degree in Music Theory. Other interests include learning foreign languages, traveling, coming up with ideas for inventions, figuring out different ways to organize things and information, decorating, learning about marketing, and the list could go on!

Tim Smedley is a professional cellist based in Manchester, UK and combines an active performing career with a developing teaching career. He plays both modern and period instruments and regularly works with some of the UK’s leading orchestras and ensembles in both fields He teaches at Junior RNCM, Manchester University and the Oxford Cello School as well as privately and his baroque ensemble, Compagnia d’Istrumenti, is currently Ensemble in Residence at the University of York.

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  1. Toman

    Kristin Phillips has been studying piano since the age of 6,i think she is great women.

  2. Kristin Phillips

    Thanks, Toman. 🙂

  3. Jay

    Ronnie Currey is the best guitar teacher. He is a great man. I have just started learning to play guitar online at and need all the help I can get.


    Ican’t get my musicmatch downloaded.SAYS DLL OR EQUALIZER OR SOMETHIGPREVENTING IT. MM.9

  5. Bass Teacher

    Kristin Phillips is the best music teacher. I would wish to learn piano under her instructions.

  6. Kristin Phillips

    Thank you. 🙂 That is a wonderful compliment!

  7. Heidi

    I just noticed that MusicTeachersHelper has taken payment from me monthly for $45.99 (December, January, and now February). I had signed up in December when they had the special promotion to get 6 months at a 30% discount. The total cost for 6 months of the bronze package was $45.99 but they have deceptively withdrawn funds from my PayPal account the last two months. When I got email notice in January, I just figured they took the payment a month late due to the holidays. I now notice now what they are doing. I hope this is quickly expediated and I am somehow assured that this will not happen again. I wonder how many other customers have been affected by this “glitch”? Why has no one else noticed this so far and had them look through their database to see if anyone else has been billed incorrectly? I used to work in billing and I know how these things happen. When someone brings an error to your attention, you look to see if anyone else has had a similar experience or if it is an isolated incident.

    Regardless, I am very upset that not only did PayPal allow this unauthorized payment TWICE, but MTH would do something like this. I am definitely leery of signing up for anything like this in the future.

    Just a side note: I am also a member of I had gotten about one inquiry a week two years ago when I first signed up and got one student from their site, so it was worth it to pay them. I was not aware of what they were doing with the phone number listed on Google. I am now VERY hesitant to be burned by another online “deal”, and I am of the young, computer savvy generation. Maybe I need to resort to my own website with my own paid hosting and promote and market it myself so I don’t have to rely on others taking advantage of my checkbook and my contact information.

    I will keep you all posted and let you know if MTH remedies my billing situation.

  8. Heidi

    MTH sent me two emails yesterday and one today by three separate people explaining the glitch that happened when I set up my account and apologizing. The emails were very prompt, courteous, and understanding. MTH is investigating this matter to pinpoint what caused the glitch to ensure this will not happen again.

    Needless to say, I am impressed with the amazing service, attention to offering a quality product, and professionalism. I will be a customer for years to come!

    Everyone makes mistakes. It is a part of life. Lord knows I don’t expect perfection. I am so glad that when mistakes happen, this company is willing to go the extra mile. This is not typical of American companies in this day and age.

  9. Brandon Pearce

    @Heidi – Thank you for your response on the blog. We do take any errors, especially financial ones, very seriously, and as you know, were able to resolve this for you by refunding your over payments, and making sure you were satisfied. I’m glad to hear you are satisfied.

    For those wondering, this error was a glitch with the special offer script, which our programmers are now looking into. It appears that one other teacher was affected by it as well. It only happened when teachers tried to pay by both credit card and Paypal, resulting in confusing Paypal into thinking that the special rate would go for each month rather than one time. It’s not a typical scenario, but we will be sure to get this resolved soon so there are no more issues with it in the future.

    As always, if anyone has problems, they can contact our support team who will work hard to make sure any issues are resolved asap.

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