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Member Spotlight – Ashli

Falcon, CO music lessons

Welcome back to our member spotlight series. Today we have Ashi. She teaches piano and voice lessons in Falcon, CO.

How long you’ve been teaching?
23 years.

How would you describe your studio space to someone that’s never visited?
It’s a wonderful place where learning and creativity combine to support aspiring musicians of all ages! Also, we play on a Yamaha baby grand and a Roland HP550 G, so we have the benefit of both digital and traditional instruments.

Was there a specific moment when you realized you loved teaching music?
YES. I’d always felt that I was a performer, not a teacher. At my first recital where I showcased some beginner students in Okinawa, Japan, I realized that teaching was as fulfilling as performing (but I still wouldn’t mind a standing ovation every now and again!)

How did you feel in the moment you made the decision to be an independent music teacher? Do you recall being nervous/excited/scared?
All of the above! But I had a wonderful mentor who encouraged me and gave me some great tools.

What were the steps you took to get your first lessons to having a full student roster?
I simply agreed to teach some young children whose mother approached me after a performance. From then, it snowballed by word of mouth– many of my students were friends of students who attended a piano recital. I now teach 40 students.

What is one piece of advice you could offer to someone looking to start teaching music lessons?
Outsource your business-related tasks! MTH has taken a huge load off of my shoulders, allowing me to run my business professionally while focusing on what I do best — teaching and performing!

How do you currently find new students?
I once put up a flyer at a local recreation center and had a few contacts from that. I also managed a Facebook page for my studio, but truthfully, most of my students come to me through word of mouth.

How do you feel when you think back to all students you’ve interacted with over the years and impacted positively?
I feel like teaching music is not only my passion, it is my calling. My students feel like family.

What is your favorite part of a lesson?
When a student “gets” it– when they’ve practiced so much that they’ve made the piece their own– adding dynamics and playing with feeling. That is heaven!

Is there a favorite piece or style of music you find yourself teaching your students today? And how has that changed from when you started teaching?
I believe in a solid foundation built on a knowledge of classical/modern composers and a basic repertoire of well-known music, however, I firmly believe that the students should always be playing a piece of music that they have chosen. I love that this way I learn about all kinds of new music!

How long have you been using Music Teacher’s Helper?
4 years.

What is your favorite thing about Music Teacher’s Helper?
Love the way I can print out reports for tax purposes, etc at the touch of a button. I also love the invoicing system.

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