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More on Looping – part 2 of “Looping as a Practice Tool”…

Last month, I wrote an article titled “Looping as a Practice Tool”. I didn’t intend to write a second article on looping but after getting a few questions from students and other readers, it felt like a good idea to cover more about the topic.

First off…what is looping? “Looping is the recording and playback of looped audio samples in real-time.” (Thank you, Wikipedia.) This can be done through hardware (dedicated looping units or certain delay pedals) or software. As we saw last month, this ability can be exploited for a better practice experience.

So what options do I have available to get into looping?

Hardware loopers come in a wide range of prices with a wide range of features. Some can store pre-recorded loops for later performance. Some units come with drum machines. Some units allow you to save your files to your computer. Some units will save loops to internal memory and others will use a memory card…some will even use both. Here’s a few to check out (this list will only include ones that are currently being manufactured):

Akai: Headrush E2 pedal
Boss: RC-2, RC-20, RC-50, ME-70, GT-10
Boomerang: Rang III
DigiTech: JML 2 JamMan Stereo Looper, JamMan Solo
Electro-Harmonix: Classics 2880 Super Multitrack Looper Guitar Effects Pedal
Korg: Kaoss Pad, The Kaossilator, and the Korg Kaossilator Pro
Line 6: DL4, JM4, M9, M13
Looperlative Audio Products: The Looperlative LP1

Software loopers are also available. These will require a laptop or a computer to run, and an audio interface for your instrument.

Fly Loops Looping Studio
Live Loop
Elottronix XL
Loopy Llama
For Linux systems: SooperLooper
Augustus Loop

I hope this resource list will help interested folks get started in looping. For more information, check out Loopers Delight.

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