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MTH 101: Settings-Studio Settings

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The Settings Menu is one of the most important areas of your website, and new users should first go to the Settings Menu before beginning to enter new students or scheduling events on the calendar. The Settings tab is located at the top right corner of your website.

The Settings Menu has six tabs: Studio Settings, Contact Information, Website Preferences, Email Notifications, SMS Notifications, and Calendar. When you click on Settings, the  Studio Settings will be the first tab to open. Below is an overview of Studio Settings.

studio settings 1

  • STUDIO TITLE: This is the name of your music studio or teaching business, which will be displayed on your homepage and your student pages.
  • LANGUAGE: Choose the language for your webpage.
  • CURRENCY SYMBOL: If you use a currency besides the the U.S. dollar, select it here.
  • TIME ZONE: Setting your time zone allows more accurate tracking of when your students requested cancellations, etc.
  • START PAGE: This is the page you will first see when you log into your website.
  • HOME PAGE ITEMS: Put a check on the items you want showing on your home page when you log in.
  • HELP MESSAGES: You can check this box to remove the help messages at the top of each page.


Next is a section for setting up Student Online Payments and Automatic Data Entry, which are not mandatory. If you opt to use this feature, you can set the payment options up now, or return later and setup the student payment options.

studio settings 2


You can also setup payment options so students will be able to make a payment to you through Paypal or a credit card. If you choose to use this option, invoices sent to students will have a button on their invoice which they can click and “Pay Now”. They will also see the same “Pay Now” button on their website after logging in. Note: Only parents and adult students will see any financial information. Child students will never see or receive financial information.

When a payment is made by clicking on “Pay Now”, your accounting section will be updated, and you will also receive an email telling you that a student has made a payment to you.

Below are instructions for Automatic Data Entry that will be displayed at the bottom of your Studio Settings page.


studio settings 3


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