MTH Live Webinars Are Here!

webinar1We are excited to announce MTH Webinars are now live. Live sessions will last approximately twenty to thirty minutes, with a Q & A session following each webinar. Each training session is limited to 25 participants, but a recording of the training session will be available at a later date.

Go to and signup for a training webinar now. Training webinars include Settings, Student Management, Scheduling, and Invoicing.

Check the page frequently for updates on new days and times, as well as listings for other webinars such as Affiliate Training and Marketing Your Studio. We also plan to have advanced webinars such as Designing your Website, etc.

A reminder and link will be emailed to you one day, and again one hour, before the webinar is to begin.

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Ronnie Currey (Editor)


  1. Patricia Moore

    I tried to sign up to these sessions and it just shows the date and sorry the webinar is not open at this time. You can’t sign up. Is there another place we can do that?

  2. Ronnie Currey (Editor)

    If you tried to register, but could not, please try again. I have repaired the link.

  3. Robin Steinweg

    It seems to be working now, thanks, Ronnie.