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Music Motivation Checklist

Jerald M. Simon (founder and president of Music Motivation® and author/composer of the Cool Songs for Cool Kids Series) has finished The Music Motivation® Checklist, a project of piano exercises he has been working on for the past two years. The Music Motivation® Checklist features 174 pages of what Jerald believes are “must have” piano exercises – in all keys and in all inversions (for chords and chord progressions – blocked and broken).

The 174 page book is a free download anyone can print off and share with their piano students or other piano teachers.  Anyone can make copies of the exercises for their piano students who may need a little help with key signatures, the circle of fifths, pentascales, scales, major/minor,diminished/augmented triads, sus4/sus2 triads, major/minor sixth chords, all seventh chords and variations, chord progressions (I-IV-V-V7-I and i-iv-V-V7-i), triads moving up according to the major scale, seventh chords moving up according the major scale, and many more essential piano exercises.

Download The Music Motivation® Checklist by Jerald M. Simon – a FREE 174 page “must have” pdf collection of piano exercises in all keys:

This is what Jerald has to say about The Music Motivation® Checklist: “It’s by far the most comprehensive theory/exercise packet I’ve ever put together. It’s also one of the craziest and most time consuming projects I have done. Some teachers, students, and parents of piano students have said I should charge everyone for this because of the extensive content and how time consuming it has been to create this over the past two years, but I want to share it as a free download with everyone. I think these are essential exercises and skills every piano student (and teacher) should know and be able to do in all keys.”

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  1. Yiyi

    What a great resource to have! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Maja

    Wow! It’ll be great to heave the same thing on bass *____* !

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