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New Look Launching This Weekend! Here’s What You Need to Know.

We are excited to announce that this Saturday evening, January 23rd, the new Music Teacher’s Helper will go live! Here are the important things to know about the improved look.

Please note: If your display looks off, Hold CTRL + SHIFT + R for a power refresh of your browser. If that does not work, please clear your browser cache and cookies. Please click here for instructions on clearing browser cache.

New look, same functionality.

The new design includes the existing functionality you have come to love about Music Teacher’s Helper. While the look is different, all the menu items and actions you perform will be done the same as before. Below is a preview of the dashboard and also an explanation of how the menu, now on the left side, will work.

The new look will work great on tablets, including iPads!

The new design will be responsive, which means the screen will resize to look good on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We still recommend you use the dedicated iPhone and Andriod mobile apps to access exclusive features such as push notifications, GPS mileage tracking, and audio/video recording.

Dashboard view of the improved Music Teacher’s Helper

Responsive Music Teacher's Helper Design

Close-up view of the new menu

Responsive Menu


Main things to know about the new menu:

  • You can minimize the menu by clicking the “hamburger” icon to the left of your studio name.
  • The subtabs show by selecting a main tab and if a subtab has additional options available, you will see that is does by the blue arrow. In the screenshot above, Students is selected as the main tab and E-mail Students is selected as the subtab to show the additional options.
  • The menu size will adapt to the screen you are using, including tablets and all iPad models.

Lastly, your My Account and other menu items previously displayed in the top right will now be available by clicking on the photo icon.

New My Account

Is the Student/Parent area updated as well? 

Yes! And an announcement has been made on their login screen directing them to a page about the updated design. But if you would like to provide them information about the changes, you may send them the following link about specific design differences for the student:

We’ll continue adding in some of the bigger improvements and new features that have been requested, as well as several surprises which we know you’re going to love. Thanks for being a part of our Music Teacher’s Helper family! If you have any questions about the new design, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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  1. Michael

    Thanks for working so well to design the new look and helpful changes–and especially for creating MusicTeacher’s Helper in the first place! It’s a great element to my business that has helped me come across more professionally. I’m looking forward to the new things you have in store. : )

  2. musicteachers

    Thanks for the kind words, Michael! So glad the software has helped your business. It means a lot to us.

  3. Phyllis Calderon

    The new look for me is TERRIBLE! None of the tabs are no longer there. I don’t even know where to look to find the expense and income, or issue credit/fee tabs. Everything is gone! The birthdays and payment received information is all the way at the bottom, which I have to scroll so far down to see. I hope that it is still in the being-fixed stage because right now, it is a MESS, a serious mess. The only thing that shows up is my dashboard of scheduled lessons. Please advise

  4. Phyllis Calderon

    Thank you to the great MTH customer service rep for helping me to fix the problem! OK. Now, it looks GREAT.

  5. musicteachers

    HI Phyllis,

    So sorry it’s not looking right for you. If you refresh your cache, that will resolve the visual issues you are experiencing. Here are instructions on how to do so: Please email us at if you continue to experience an issue.

  6. Erin

    Glad I read here first when I opened up MTH…. NOTHING looked right. Cleared my cache (Google Chrome) and it looks fabulous. Now I’m off to play with the features with both my laptop and iPad. Thank you for the update!

  7. Kathleen

    The new design is not working on the computer? Are you working on fixes? Worried I won’t be able to access my schedule for the week…No tabs are showing at all!

  8. musicteachers

    Hi Kathleen,

    So sorry it’s not looking right for you. If you refresh your cache, that will resolve the visual issues you are experiencing. Here are instructions on how to do so: Please email us at if you continue to experience an issue.

  9. Dan Georges

    Doesn’t work with Chrome

  10. musicteachers

    Hi George,
    So sorry it’s not working right for you. If you refresh your cache, that will resolve any issues you are experiencing. Here are instructions on how to do so: Please email us at if you continue to experience an issue.

  11. Craig Tompkins

    Thanks for creating MTH and for all of the great features you’ve added over the years. I like the new format although it’s taking some time to get used to using it – it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks 😉

    When I print out my lesson notes for the day, the font is quite large resulting in lots of paper being used. Is this a problem with the new format or is it something I need to figure out from my end?

  12. musicteachers

    Hi Craig,

    This may be a minor bug with the new format. Please send us an email to and we’ll get it fixed right away, and then notify you once it’s fixed so you can start using it again. Thanks!

  13. Brett Funk

    I love this program. I don’t like change. I’m old.

    There are still a few things that need tweeking I think. Like the “Select All” button doesn’t “select all” of the students on the invoicing page.

    I know you’ll get it straightened out. And once you do. I beg you to leave it alone. 😀 😀 😀

  14. Daisy Miller

    Everything seems to work OK and looks nice on the new version however, It looks like it was developed for touch screen devices. I am finding navigating the website with a keyboard and mouse more difficult than before. It is taking me forever to select certain people to email in a group email. Also, I have made the calendar print as small as possible, but I can barely see one week on the screen at the time. When I scroll down, I also cant see what month I am looking at. Printing out lists is taking up too much paper.

  15. musicteachers

    Hi Brett,

    Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of the Select All issue and it will be fixed shortly. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

  16. musicteachers

    Hi Daisy,

    Thank you for the feedback. Some teachers find it easier to click Select All and then eliminate the individuals they don’t want to email when sending group communications.

    The calendar print is a known issue and we are working to fix that as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. Linda Fox

    So far not very happy with the new look. It doesn’t do anything better than the old look, and several things worse. For instance, at the top of the calendar, when it was all spread out at the top, you could click and mouse down any one of those menus in one go to get what you want. Now it takes a lot more clicks. And the dashboard menu on the left – hey, GREY ON GREY? Who ever had that bright idea? It’s really quite hard to read.

    And the font in the dialog boxes for lesson notes can only be described as spidery. It’s feint. Same with the daily summary report, and I too have this problem that it prints out big and wastes paper. Is there an option to go back to the old look or are we all stuck with the new one?

  18. musicteachers

    Hi Linda – Thank you for the feedback. Your specific points are noted for consideration. We’re working on the large print out font and some other small bugs that will be fixed shortly. No option to go back to the old look but we hope with other future changes you will eventually prefer this look. Again, thank you for your feedback, Linda.

  19. Lisa

    Looks like something got broken: on the invoice page, if I deselect “show payments?” and/or “send if zero balance?” it seems to ignore these two instructions. Example: Payments for December mixed in with January lessons: I need to be able to filter out the December payments to generate an accurate invoice for January.

  20. musicteachers

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. To handle your issue properly, please email This may be an isolated bug and we can get you setup with a support rep to fix this issue right away and communicate with you when it’s been fixed.

  21. derron

    I’m not going to use words like “terrible” when I know you are working hard to make things easier! However, I would like to mention that the new layout has simply made things slower for me – having to make multiple clicks as I navigate pages, and now that everything seems giant-sized on my laptop, I have to spend more time scrolling! So, the bottom line is that for me, this update is much slower and cumbersome. Just some thoughts as you make changes in the future!

  22. musicteachers

    Hi Derron,

    Thank you for your input. We are reviewing similar input made by another member on our feedback forum:

    If you have additional feedback not mentioned there, feel free to submit a suggestion and we’ll notify you once it’s developed and live in the software:

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