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Music Teacher’s Helper at MTNA 2018

We had an awesome time at MTNA 2018 in Olando Florida.  Here’s our short picture walk through of our MTNA experience.

Lots of energy and motion…





















Next, there was the set up…


























Lots of things to see…











































And we ran into many MTH teachers and fellow colleagues…





































We had a great time, and will see you all at the next conference….




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  1. Dan Georges

    Looks like a nice conference. I would love to check out that console organ in the one photo.
    Good work, and nice display booth.

  2. Tanya Brooks

    I see me!!! Lol! Had a great time at the conference!!’

  3. Rock Robbins

    Dan, the console organ was actually a digital harpsichord (and organ too). Quite cool.

    And Tanya, I think you’re just about our #1 fan. 🙂 Great to see you.

    Ciao for now.

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