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I ran across a new magazine that I wanted to share with the other teachers and working musicians here at Music Teacher’s Helper.

When I was a young musician, I used to head over to the house of a working bassist I knew and read his music magazines.  Among his literary gems was a periodical called Gig.  It was a trade magazine that focused on helping professional musicians succeed at the business of music.

As I grew older and became a working musician,  Gig magazine ceased being published.  I wondered if anyone else missed this magazine, and if there would be another periodical that would someday replace Gig.

A new periodical, called MusicPro Magazine, might just fill that void.  MusicPro magazine is available online and it is free to all subscribers.  This magazine is written by professional musicians as a resource for fellow professional musicians.  (The editor of the magazine is a music teacher and professional drummer.)   This is a resource you may want to check out and add to your reading list.  Head to:

Follow this link to subscribe:


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