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My Eggspert Opinion

The challenge of designing group lesson plans arrives every couple of months for my studio calendar. Always on the lookout for creative activities, a new idea was hatched at called the Education Insights Eggspert. This educational tool was recommended, it was affordable AND easy to order on Amazon–I’m a big fan–so it was clear that I must acquire one.

The Eggspert System comes with a console that the teacher controls and 6 colorful egg buttons attached by cords to matching egg lights (just noticed that there is a new wireless edition available!). One to six players can play. If the person with the pink egg button is first to poke the pink egg, the matching pink egg light lights up and flashes for a certain amount of time (length designated by the teacher). Before it buzzes the button pusher must answer a question correctly. This is a wonderful system for playing those flash card games that require a quick response. Instead of me guessing who raised a hand first after asking a question, the Eggspert takes the “guess work” out eggspertly!

This set up lends itself well to Jeopardy so immediately I wanted to create my own Music Jeopardy. I had heard there were power point templates available but was looking for something easy, and inexpensive. (Note: I noticed that Education Insights now sells a “Classroom Jeopardy” for the Eggspert.)  Thanks to a Google search I landed upon a fabulous website that provides a template of the Jeopardy board and the ability to create and edit as many boards as you like. My first templates are designed around the 5 levels of Faber method books.

Group lessons were held last week and the Eggspert was a smash! The buttons worked perfectly and the excitement of playing Jeopardy was a perfect combination of fun and learning for ALL ages and levels.

My Eggspert Rules:

  • Eggs must be poked but not punched
  • Eggs may be poked only after I finish reading the “answer”

My Jeopardy Rules

  • Money IS earned even if the contestant did not answer in the form of a question, i.e. “What is a quarter note?” However, many were phrasing their “questions” quite well by the end.
  • Money IS earned for a correct answer only before the buzzer goes off
  • Money IS NOT earned if the contestant answers incorrectly. The box remains on the board to be chosen again
  • Money is NOT LOST if the contestant provides a wrong answer. Perhaps this will change in the future but I did not want to see students head into negative numbers.

Yes, contestants earned money–that is Music Money. Click here to learn more.

By the way, there is also a Wheel of Fortune setting where the eggs light up back and forth, slow down and land on a certain color. Ideas have already hatched for that setting for future group lessons.

More than a dozen teaching ideas are waiting to fly from the nest with my Eggspert in hand. Would love to know if you have one, or if you purchase one, and how you use the Eggspert with your students. To view activities I use in the future, and for additional teaching tips, etc see

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  1. Kerri

    I have loved playing Music Jeopardy with my students for years, and this could be a fantastic addition! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Leila Viss

    Oh good, glad it will enhance your jeopardy game. Thanks for letting me know!

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