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fairyland_in_treble_coverThe King and the Dragon!

The King’s trusted advisor came bursting through the door! “My Lord, we are being attacked!”

“Fear not,” said the wise old King. “We shall use my secret weapon, The Great Red Dragon!”

To cut the first of eleven fairy stories short, that appear in composer Nikolas Sideris’ brand new piano duet book, the King saves the day through clever trickery and wins the respect of his people!

After I finished reading this two paged story, one of eleven written especially by Nefeli Tsipouridi, I couldn’t wait to turn over the page and start playing the first composition in the book. I was inspired!

But oh no! I was alone at the piano and this is a duet book!

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, each primo part has a QR code on the side of the title, so all I needed to do was hold my tablet up and the next moment a well-recorded performance of the composer playing the secondo part began to my delight. (There is a link in the introductory pages of the book that you can visit to download the mp3 files if you prefer)

And wow, what an adventure! With the words of the story I had just read still ringing in my ears, I was transported to the centre of the scene with composer, Nikolas Sideris’, evocative music. We battled evil forces with every twist and turn and triumphed on high as the piece came to its conclusion.

This book is unlike any music book I have ever come across. Not only am I super impressed with the quality of the compositions; a welcome break in the dry desert of piano duet repertoire, but its unique approach of eleven stories presented before each piece, will be hugely inspiring to the young piano student. No more struggling to coax out musicality. Even the most “average” student will be inspired to perform with feeling in a very natural and organic way.

This book represents a wonder musical adventure just waiting to happen for early intermediate to advanced students with such a wide variety of styles to capture their imagination. The concept is truly unique and I can see that not only will it entertain students, teachers and families alike but will provide a fabulous way to develop creative interpretation skills into the bargain. I think that Nikolas Sideris’ piano duet book “Fairyland in Treble” is a superb music teaching tool and I wait with interest to see what other unique concept music books he comes up with in the future. He’s definitely a composer to watch!

“Fairyland in Treble!” comes in the form of a 72 paged book printed on tough, high-quality paper with the most beautiful cover by the artist Marcus Krupa.

To watch the composer perform all the duets with Miriam Kornberg, click here.

To purchase a copy or find out more, click here.

Are you attending the Music Education Expo in London on the 12th and 13th of March 2015? You can meet Nikolas at booth L14.


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  1. Robin Steinweg

    Another reason to be eager for my big batch of early beginners to progress! Thanks, Reuben.