New Feature: Studio Policy

We are announcing a new feature, “Studio Policy“. Once you create your Studio Policy under Website Pages, a new adult student or parent, when registering for lessons on your website, will need to acknowledge and agree to your studio policy before completing the registration. If they do not check the box to agree with your policy, the registration will fail.

Below are instructions for activating and using the new feature:

  1. Go to the Website tab in your teacher account and select Website Pages.
  2. Edit the Registration page.
  3. Scroll down to the section Parent Information.
  4. The last option under Parent Information is Studio Policy, where you can click to enable the feature.
  5. Click Save at bottom of the page.
  6. You will now have a link on your homepage for your studio policy, and a new page is also created in your list of Website Pages entitled Studio Policy.
  7. By default, the Studio Policy page is blank. This is where you can create your Studio Policy page.
  8. If the Registration page is active, and the studio policy enabled, the new student/parent will see a check box on the Registration Page. They can acknowledge that, by registering, they agree to your Studio Policy. Otherwise, the registration will fail.

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Ronnie Currey (Editor)

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  1. Kerri Green

    This is a fantastic addition. What a great way to make sure there is good communication about expectations.