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New Features and Fixes in February 2013

Every week we post new features and fixes on our Facebook and Twitter page. We also post features and fixes weekly on our blog, as we are aware that many of you do not use social media accounts. You can also read current blog posts and new weekly updates at the bottom of your MTH home page after you log-in.

Here are the Latest Updates made in February 2013:

New Features:

  • Studio Policy: A new adult student or parent, when registering for lessons on your website, can be required to acknowledge and agree to your studio policy before completing the registration.
  • The New Updated iPhone App is released and can be downloaded on iTunes. You must first uninstall the existing app before installing the new iPhone App.
  • Music Teacher’s Helper is now available in Polish.
  • Three new affiliate banner ads have been added.
  • The page order can now be viewed on the edit pages screen.
  • You can now edit the mileage tracker entries.
  • Captions are now displayed on photos.

New Fixes:

  • When reconciling an event with the iPhone App, the event fee will now use the default lesson cost if the fee is left blank.
  • The iPhone App will now save lesson notes.
  • The help section and video tutorials were not showing. This has been fixed.
  • The iPhone App was not loading all payment categories. This has been fixed.
  • Currency symbols were not customizing in the “Paid During Lesson” section of the event reconcile screen. This has been fixed.
  • There was an incorrect date in the registration page for some users. This has been fixed.

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