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New Features and Fixes in March 2011

At Music Teacher’s Helper, we’re always working hard to bring you new improvements and make our program even better, based on the feedback we receive from our customers.

This month, we began working on two larger features, which should be done shortly, including foreign language versions of our site, and major improvements to our mobile version that will correspond with the native iPhone app we’re also working on. We’ll keep you posted via Facebook, Twitter, and our blog and newsletter when these new features are ready.

In the mean time, here is a list of the updates we’ve released in the last month.

Latest New Features

  • Clicking the name of your studio after you login now opens up your studio website.
  • Added Chinese Yuan, Turkish Lira, and Swedish Krona to the currency list.

Latest Bug Fixes

  • Calendar event popup descriptions are no longer truncated to 40 characters. Only the event titles are.
  • Lending Library was not showing the proper item names when student logged in. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed bugs that caused problems with saving pdf invoices and uploading logos after a recent update.
  • Fixed a bug that was still allowing events to be created in 1970.
  • Fixed a security issue where student profiles could be viewed by other teachers if certain commands were used.
  • Fixed other security issues when editing items in different parts of the program. No more back doors to seeing others’ data.
  • Some events were showing slashes before quotes in the description. This is now fixed.
  • Student profiles were showing two Status fields due to a recent update. This is now fixed.
  • Our signup page now forces a secure connection. (Before, you could still access the non-secure version)
  • Fixed some issues reconciling and saving events, and viewing the calendar, for those using Internet Explorer 8.
  • Families Owing Report was sometimes showing incorrect dates for the last payment. This is now fixed.

About the Author

Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce is the founder and CEO of Music Teacher's Helper, a web-based software program to help music teachers manage the business aspects of teaching music lessons.

A piano teacher and computer programmer himself, he created Music Teacher's Helper as a side project to manage his own students, and in 2004, made it available for music teachers worldwide.

Since then, it has grown to supp... [Read more]


  1. Dan GEorges

    This feature doesn’t seem to work after I changed to “I have my own website.”
    Changing back renders the click inoperative.

    Clicking the name of your studio after you login now opens up your studio website.

  2. Brandon Pearce

    @Dan – Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ll be looking into it.

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