New Student Management Features

New-FeaturesWe are excited to announce two student management features, Batch Processing and Student Summary. Many of you have requested these two features, and we heard your requests, and acted on providing these features for you. Both features are available to you in your student management page of your website. Go to STUDENTS > MANAGE STUDENTS.

Batch Processing: You will notice checkboxes next to your students in the Active, Waiting and Former Student sections. You can check the boxes next to the students to move more than one student from one section to another section. For example, If you need to move four students from the Active section to the Former Student section, check the box next to each student, and select the task from the dropdown window above the student list.

Student Summary: You can view all of a student’s information in their profile. On the Manage Students page,  you now have a View option next to each student. By clicking on View, the student’s profile will appear. There are now eight tabs above the student profile: Basic Info, Invoices, Payments, Lessons, Upcoming Schedule, Lent Items, Makeup Lessons, and Repertoire. Clicking on any of the six tabs will show the selected information for the student.

These are great and exciting student management features, and we will be releasing more new features for your website in the next few weeks and months. Thanks for your support and ideas, and we look forward to more great ideas from you at

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  1. Maria D'Aura

    Thanks for this new management features. The batch processing student status will be VERY helpful.