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Hey, everyone. We hope your week is off to a great start. Here’s are updates from this past week:

  • In the new version, Billable attendance statuses being were showing up on invoices as Not Billable, even when set to be billable for some teachers. This has been resolved.
  • In the new version, a second contact listed under a child student were not receiving lessons notes even when selected to, and only one contact was receiving the notes. This has been fixed so all selected contacts will receive lesson notes.
  • In the new version, custom term dates in the Rate Packages that were longer than one month were billing monthly for some teachers. This has been fixed to reflect the exact range set by the Rate Package.

Did you know that you can individually set attendance for group lessons?

In the Attendance tab of the Calendar, you have the flexibility to set attendance for some or all past lessons at once. Plus, you can set individual group lesson attendance and leave lesson notes for each individual in a group, or for the entire group. This article walks you through in detail how to take advantage of the Attendance tab so you can start saving even more time after lessons!

If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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Hi, everyone. We hope you’re having a great week so far. With summer coming up, don’t forget you can opt into our annual pricing and save the equivalent of two months! That way, there’s no need to go through the trouble of downgrading during summer months when you’re teaching less. To do so, go to My Account in the top right corner and change your Billing Frequency from Monthly to Yearly. Also, here’s an update from this past week:

  • In the new version, starting the Daily Summary Report required selecting it under Reports and Messaging. Now, if you select either, it will automatically select the other.

Did you know that you can sync your MTH Calendar to your Google, iCal, and Outlook Calendar?

If you’d like to see your MTH events on your preferred calendar app, syncing only takes a minute! Check out these instructions for setting up your MTH calendar to show elsewhere.

You can use the MTH calendar for non-studio events as well by not assigning to a student, and creating a custom category labeled “personal”. Either way, you can have peace of mind with your events in one place whether you sync with an outside calendar or use the MTH calendar for everything.

If you have any questions for us or experience any issues, please reach out to Happy teaching!

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Imagine a musical review inspired by the original Mouseketeers and wrapped in the imagination of Walt Disney. It will both entertain and educate.

This is the third in a series of magical music recital ideas from my sister Vicky Dresser. I’ve included costume, program, décor and treat suggestions, plus a chronological list of some Disney movies and songs. And…Donald Duck might make a surprise appearance!

Tweak this Musical Review for Your Situation

  1. Content: You get to choose which Disney movies and songs to include. Will you go back to Disney’s first movie, Snow White, or only as far as the year your oldest student was born?
  2. Program: On the cover, a student’s rendering of the 1930s Mickey Mouse. Or perhaps the Mickey silhouette. Inside, create small mouse ears in front of each song. Three lower case letter o’s, the two outer ones superscript—like footnotes.

ooo Someday My Prince Will Come…………………………Student Name

  1. Costumes: Optional. They can be as simple as a T-shirt with students’ names or perhaps the Mickey silhouette, or as elaborate as costumes from the various movies represented.

The Mickey Mouse Club Musical Review—Sample Program

Your smiling Mouseketeers have greeted their guests, handed out programs and helped folks get seated. It’s time to begin. Gather your students up front for a group photo-op.

When students hear the “Mickey Mouse March” by Jimmy Dodd, have them split and march around the side aisles and back up the center. The music could be a recording or one or more students playing/singing. You might have an authentic Mouseketeer Roll Call with all students’ introductions—this can be their one bow of the day, after which they take their seats in the front rows.

Here is a chronological list of some Disney movies with quite a few song possibilities:

1937 Snow White [···]

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