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Recognizing students for their achievements is not only a nice milestone for the students, but is also thought provoking for the teacher. It makes us think about what goals we have for students, and which ones are most important.

When I was a kid, we had to play at several small recitals each year, and one big recital at the end of the year, where we would be presented with a pin showing how many years we had studied at the music academy. It was a nice little reward, as I recall.

Do you use simple pins, certificates, and awards–or perhaps you like to use other means?   It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences in recognizing students. Just add a comment at the end of this article.

One thing I do (pretty much the only concrete award, really) is give  [···]

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I have been reviewing lots of forum postings lately and came across an interesting posting. There seems to be a debate about how to approach informing a student’s family about their need to upgrade their instrument. I can certainly see the logic in the student needing an instrument to progress. I can also see the logic in using tact and speaking to the parents in a tactful fashion, and not speaking through the child.

At some point in the debate the teacher says a few things that I found alarming: [···]

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Some teachers and students have mentioned that when accessing their studio website in Internet Explorer for the first time, a security warning appears telling them that the secure certificate may not be valid.

This can happen when you’re accessing your studio website incorrectly. Remember that your studio website does not have any www’s in it.

To access your studio website, go to:



(where [studio-name] is the name you chose for your studio website).

The SSL Certificate on the server doesn’t secure 2nd-level subdomains (having two sections with dots (.) before the domain name). So that’s why the warnings appear when you access the site using www’s. Therefore, make sure that when you tell others your studio website address, that you give them the correct address (without the www’s).

Update [Sep 13, 2007]: This problem has now been completely resolved. We have made it  redirect visitors coming to your page through www to the non-www subdomain. This eliminates the certificate warning.

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