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1. In learning music, as with many other skills, good habits lead to good results. All music teachers seek to build good habits.

2. Good habits come from discipline. The dictionary lists a dozen definitions of “discipline” but I suspect the most important types of discipline are only two: external and internal.

3. Musicianship, though it requires discipline, is more than a skill. It draws upon something deeper than habit. Some teachers consider musicianship fundamental; others feel technical skill must be established first.

4. Being aware of differences between external and internal discipline can help us lead students to good habits, good results, and good musicianship. Sometimes teachers and parents, or adult students, seem to have very different presumptions about what discipline is. Some uses of external discipline confuse management with teaching (school systems often carry this to an extreme).

5. “Internal” discipline is shaped by inspiration, pride, determination. It can be built [···]

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Over time, we’ve had a few requests from teachers who want to be able to keep track of make-up lessons in Music Teacher’s Helper. We’ve also had requests from teachers who want to setup available lesson times, and let students pick from available slots on a first-come, first-serve basis.

One of our most active members came up with a brilliant idea that will let you do both of these right now. Here is what he said: [···]

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