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There are several teachers who, when they sign up for Music Teacher’s Helper, already have their own studio website, or at least own the domain name for their website. And because Music Teacher’s Helper gives them their own studio website, teachers are often faced with a choice of whether to use one or the other, or both. Take a look at our FAQ for some ways to help make the decision on which website to use:

If you decide to get rid of your old website, but you’d like to keep your domain name (ie., you can  [···]

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Well, there’s certainly a lively discussion going on in the comments for Finding Students For You, about online services matching music students with teachers. At first I was just going to let it be, but then I realized that it may be informative for many of us to learn first-hand from some of you out there who have had experiences with student leads from the online student-teacher matching services.

The lively discussion that’s going on is mainly about whether some services are using individual teachers’ addresses in advertising their general service, and whether that’s legitimate. I’d like to address that a little, and also tell you of a strange email I received today as a result of an online teacher listing.

But first, tell us–has any of you gained students from an online service? How did it work for you? Clearly, matching up a student and a teacher is good for both. Increasingly, people are finding each other through online services, so matching music students and teachers probably has good potential. If you have used online services of this kind, have you found it worth any costs or hassles you had to deal with? Or did you sign up for services and receive no students? Let us know with a comment below. Perhaps you’ve heard about student experiences in using the services as well.

The use or abuse of teacher information for the benefit of an online matching service is a concern, but the bigger issue is whether these services are providing real help to both teachers and students. Let us hear from you, to balance our picture.

In the mean time, let me tell you about the strange email I received today!  [···]

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I LOVE Music Teacher's HelperAs we’re all approaching the beginning of a new school year, Music Teacher’s Helper wants to reward those teachers who help us grow. Therefore, during the month of August 2007, we are having a referral contest!

We are giving away one free month of service for every teacher you refer, who continues on as a paying member by September 30.

In addition, the member who refers the most teachers will get an additional one year free subscription to Music Teacher’s Helper, regardless of whether those teachers become paying members!

So if you  [···]

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