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Music Teacher’s Helper has a feature that allows your students to pay you with their credit card. In addition to this, you can setup automatic data entry through Paypal’s IPN (Instant Payment Notification) settings in your Paypal account, which will automatically enter any payments your students make, directly into your Music Teacher’s Helper account so you don’t have to do any data entry when you receive an online payment. Learn more about receiving payments from your students.

Students have always been able to login to Music Teacher’s Helper and pay you. But recently, we added a “Pay Now” link on the invoices you send to your students, to save them an extra step and make it even easier for them to pay you.  [···]

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It’s pretty common for people to think they have “rhythm problems.” But what do people really mean by this?

Consider how natural it is for us to have excellent rhythm in daily life, and then go figure why people draw a blank when it comes to musical rhythms. For example, if we were to measure our stride as we walk down the street, I’ll bet our steps would probably be so regular as to be milliseconds apart in timing. If we wrote down the rhythms of our daily conversations, they would be much more complex than almost any music we play. In fact, talking is the best example of how rhythmic we are, because music is so closely related to talking and singing.

I recently had a student who claimed he had a “rhythm problem” and couldn’t play with the proper timings. I asked him to pretend there was a servant at the door, and asked him to order his servant to take out the garbage. (I suggested this because we always issue commands with a strong rhythm…but it is amusing, the ideas that pop out in the heat of a lesson, no?)

musical examples

He said, “Take the GARbage out!” with “take the” as pickup notes to the “GAR” downbeat. In 6/8 time, this would have been written: quarter, eighth (bar line) quarter, eighth, quarter (see example above).

Then I asked him to say it three times in a row.  [···]

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Connie, from Connie’s Violin Page, has recently archived several sets of informal surveys from music teachers around the world.

I found it very interesting to see what other teachers in different parts of the world charge for lessons, what their practicing habits are, and what students think makes a good teacher.

Take a look at the results! Maybe you’ll find something useful to help you in your own studio. [···]

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