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My six year-old daughter has recently been using a program called Piano Marvel to learn to play the piano. Piano Marvel is very professional, but fun software that teaches anyone (not just kids) how to play the piano.

If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero, you know the idea. Piano Marvel is just as fun, but actually teaches you to play the piano. It shows music to play on a grand staff, it starts counting and then you play. Every note you get right turns green. Wrong notes get a red x placed on the staff exactly where you played it. And at the end of the piece, you get a score (0-100) based on how many notes you got right. When you get a high enough score, you start earning trophies. Very fun.

My daughter has already learned how to play whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes, and can read A through E on the grand staff! She is turning into a pretty decent sight reader!

And what’s most impressive is that I have hardly had to teach her anything. I have stepped in to help with technique and answer questions, but for the most part, she is teaching herself through the software, and having a blast doing it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s shouted with enthusiasm, “Daddy, I got a gold trophie!!!!”

That’s what I like to hear.

Besides the standard method that comes with Piano Marvel, there is also a large section of more advanced repertoire pieces you can play. Piano Marvel also has technique and ear training exercises. Most music can be printed or saved as a PDF file, and there are even videos you can watch of professionals playing many of the pieces, as well as instructional videos for each level. This is impressive software! It’s even a finalist in the Adobe 2009 Max Awards.

Piano Marvel is something that you could have students do during their lesson, but it’s best if each student has their own account to practice on from home and work on their own trophies, etc. This also lets you know when your students are practicing and their scores for each piece.

So, what’s the cost? Piano Marvel is $15/month per account. The teacher needs an account so they can check on their student’s accounts, assign pieces, etc. And each student needs their own account. They are constantly adding new repertoire and making improvements to the program, and it’s well worth the cost.

The owner of Piano Marvel is a friend of mine, and I am able to give you a 20% discount on Piano Marvel (so it will be $12 instead of $15) for you and your students. Just use the following promotion code:


Or click here for a free trial of Piano Marvel and try it out today. I think you’ll be blown away.

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  1. Dan the Music Master

    It sounds like a decent program, provided it is being supplemented with traditional lessons. Thanks for the informative article.

  2. lee

    Wondering if this would work for the guitar as well!

  3. Brandon Pearce (Support)

    They are working on a Guitar version right now. They said it should be ready after the beginning of the year.