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This month, my blog is a simple one (like me!). I’ve stumbled on a cheap idea for teaching anything involving sequencing and I’m loving it (and my students too)!

Enter the mighty…(drum roll)…cup!

Yes, some easy to come by disposable cups can quickly be transformed into some really fun teaching aids. Why not lay out the cups in a random fashion and challenge your pupil to stack them into the correct order.

Think about how you could use this technique in your lessons. Here are some ideas for organising musical concepts:

• Dynamics (from quietest to loudest)

• Rhythm notes and rest (from shortest to slowest)

• Periods of history

• Technical names of the scale

• Key signature sharps or flats

• Keys

• Instruments of the orchestra into families

• Tempos

• Articulations (shortest to longest)

What other musical concepts could be taught or tested this way? Please feel free to add your ideas as a comment below.


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Reuben Vincent
Reuben Vincent is a freelance musician working as a composer, producer and private music teacher, based from his purpose built recording studio in Bagillt, Flintshire, North Wales, UK. His main instrument is the piano although he is also known for a "mean" solo on the Kazoo!!!


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  2. Alina


    Excelente pàgina!

  3. Sandy

    Love this idea!!!

  4. Sandy

    I put numbers inside the bottom of each cup so students can check their answers when they finish. I also made composer cups to stack on the correct era cups.

  5. Reuben Vincent

    Thanks Sandy. I love your idea about composers and periods. I’ve got to try that!

  6. Eileen Maeda


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