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Savvy Musician in Action Here I Come!


The Savvy Musician in Action

Have you heard of it before? It’s an immersive, experiential week-long workshop designed to help artists and increase income and impact. 

The entrepreneurship workshop is brought to you by cutting edge David Cutler, author of  The Savvy Musician and a brand new book, The Savvy Music Teacher. In a nutshell, it is perhaps an event like none other. I’ve been to plenty of conferences but this seems truly unique.

SAVVY ‘s first goal is diversity. They encourage and accept applications from individuals representing the following four categories. (Below is copied directly from the website.)

  1. Music/arts students. The best time to learn business and professional skills is when you’re still in school. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in arts collegiate programs (music, theatre, dance, etc.) as well as business students with a strong interest in the arts, are encouraged to apply.
  2. Music/arts faculty. Faculty and administrators from any music or performing arts discipline are eligible. Faculty members typically participate to develop skills that can be incorporated into their home institutions as well as personal careers.
  3. Aspiring/established artists & educators. Whatever your discipline or current level of success, the SAVVY experience teaches skills that help you achieve more, earn more, and increase impact.
  4. Arts administrators/industry employees. SAVVY provides a professional development opportunity for individuals working in arts organizations, from entry-level employees to executive directors. Either for-profit or non-profit experience is welcome.

Our challenge will be to accept 60-70 dynamic participants who represent a wide cross-section of backgrounds, perspectives, personalities, ages, regions and experiences. However, there are certain attributes we seek in all attendees:

  • Positive attitude. A host of studies have shown that optimists achieve the greatest success. We believe this is one of the most exciting times for artists and arts organizations, and seek positive people committed to making a meaningful difference through the arts.
  • Hard worker. Success in the arts requires a strong work ethic. SAVVY is a transformative, intense, and immersive experience.

After reading and rereading through the details (found here) I decided to apply. It seemed a little crazy trying to fit it into a jam-packed summer but it felt like the right thing to do.

Just yesterday, I found out I was awarded a full tuition scholarship!

There are some specific things to gain from attending this workshop but for the most part, I’m going with an open mind.  I’m looking forward to the experience as a trigger for a change or a shift. At this point, I can’t anticipate what this may look like. I’m excited to uncover new ideas that as of right now are eluding me.

Where are you in your career?

Are you just gearing up for a career in the arts?

Are you spinning your wheels and looking for a push in the right direction?

Are you running on low and need your tank filled?

Do you fall into one of the four categories above?

A testimony

Here’s a testimony of a piano teacher who obviously was inspired by her experience at SAVVY.

An invitation

Clever thinking on David Cutler’s part, he added this to the award email:

If you have spectacular friends or colleagues who might benefit from the SAVVY experience, please share information about the workshop. Don’t let them miss the final round scholarship deadline, April  1, 2016!!

So, there you go. I’m not going to let my spectacular friends or colleagues who might benefit from the SAVVY experience miss the final round of scholarship opportunities!

I can’t say that I know you now or that you’re my colleague, but I’m sure we will be fast friends if we experience SAVVY together.

The facts

50 FULL tuition scholarships are available for 2016 SAVVY participants.
This is a $725 value.
Music Teachers Helper’s own Brandon Pearce will be there as a thought leader!

Decide soon

Reminder the deadline is April 1st: Apply HERE

Let me know if you decide to go so we can make sure to meet once we get there!



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  1. Brandon Pearce

    Exciting!! This looks like an amazing conference. I’ll see you there! 🙂

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