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Review: Free Blank Sheet Music!

When I was a kid, I loved buying expensive pads of manuscript paper. Trouble was, I didn’t quite know what to do with them!

Now, thirty-something years on, I’m always reaching for some manuscript paper to demonstrate to my students, scribble down an idea or to give to my pupils so that they can transcribe their latest creation.

A website that I’ve been using for some years now is Great features include being very easy to use, available on all electronic devices, quick and best of all, free!

When you load the page you will notice a green “ribbon” at the top which quickly allows you to customize the paper before you. It is worth knowing that there are multiple functions to each button, so keep toggling through the options until you find the setting for you. You can easily increase or decrease the stave size according to the project and experience level of the student who will be using it. And when you are ready to print, click on the orange printer icon in the bottom right of the page. It really couldn’t be easier. That’s a promise!

Uses include:

• Treble or bass clef vocal music with a single line to write the lyrics underneath

• Four or six-lined TAB staves with option of a treble or bass clef attached to the system

• Grand stave for piano or harp

• Three stave organ notation

• Alto or tenor clef staves

• Single of five line percussion staves

As you can see, these options cover most bases. Anything more complicated will probably require a more traditional notation software package like Sibelius or Finale. If you need something more substantial, if may be worth checking out first the excellent, free, web-based software

About the Author

Reuben Vincent
Reuben Vincent is a freelance musician working as a composer, producer and private music teacher, based from his purpose built recording studio in Bagillt, Flintshire, North Wales, UK. His main instrument is the piano although he is also known for a "mean" solo on the Kazoo!!!


  1. Robin Steinweg

    Great review, Reuben! I’ve always kept various sizes of ms paper on file–or I use Sibelius. But I’m reducing my paper files, and this resource should be just as handy as walking over to the file cabinet! 😉

  2. Viraj - Harry Potter theme music box

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  3. Ben Martin

    I don’t see how to create bars?

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