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The main purpose of Song Surgeon 3 is that it allows you to take any piece of music (a guitar solo for example), and slow it down to a snails pace without changing the key. It is suitable for any guitarist,teacher or student,  no matter what skill level they are at. For example, I have played guitar for over 45 years and I have started using it as a music teacher when writing music for my students. I have students who are playing only months and this is the first thing I recommend to them. Their advancement is uncanny once they know and use this type of approach.

Highest Class Sound Engine Used

When you slow down a guitar solo or piece of music, this new version sounds the same quality-wise as the original and it makes it so much easier to hear and emulate what any player is doing. ANY player, ANY Style! For example, you can take a solo by any Speed by a  Guitarist and hear it as if he was sitting in front of you and playing it in slow motion.

It takes someone like Michael Angelo Batio, Gary Moore, Django Rheinhardt, Buckethead, The Hellecasters, Chet Atkins, Andy McKee, Eric Johnson, Guthrie Govan, Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather, Neal Schon, Slash, The Edge (U2), Jonny Buckland (Coldplay) … even speed monster and maestro Paul Gilbert, and reduces their playing to a humble crawling speed!  You’ll hear every fine detail and it doesn’t matter what style of guitar you want to learn, or even master. Its a ‘No Holds Barred’ software learning tool.

My advice? Don’t get left behind by using Tab. Learn directly from the masters themselves. That is the key to becoming a seriously hot guitar teacher. You will have compliments coming from numerous parents and students that have learned their songs from you through Song Surgeon.

The Multi Style Uses of Song Surgeon 3

Because of its very nature, you can use it on any style of music. You can hear every little nuance of a player. Such as how does a Country guitarist make his guitar sound like a lap-steel. Where exactly does he put in the vibrato?, what string is he bending?

You can use it to easily learn Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Pop, Grunge … ANY style, there are no restrictions. And the best thing? You will be learning it from the source. From the original recording. No more dodgy Tabs which are totally wrong anyway. Tab is not how to teach your students the guitar if you want them to become a great student and guitarist. You, as a violin teacher, can also teach your student soloing from a red hot violin? This is how to do it.

Snooper Technology

Also included in this software is a patch called ‘Sniffer Technology‘, which is personally one of my favorite parts of the software. This enables you to download and extract a music file from video sites such as Youtube and play them in Song Surgeon 3. I could not believe how well this worked!

Song Surgeon 3 Updates

The original version of Song Surgeon was to me, a touch of sheer genius in itself. But version 3 takes even that to newd limits. The main update concerning music teachers is the new sound engine. This latest update allows you to slow down any piece of music without degradation in sound. This makes a huge difference to make learning any particular guitar solo a LOT easier.

Insert Silences Anywhere

A brilliant innovation has been added to version 3. You add custom timed silences after every loop. This allows you to play the loop and then have your student play it on the guitar. This way,  you and your student can work on any tricky bit before the loop plays again. With this setup, you can work on any troublesome or difficult parts of the solo.

Easy Creation of Custom Audio Files

With Song Surgeon Pro version, you can easily create create multiple loops. For example, you could have a guitar solo playing at normal speed, then 70% speed, then 50%, right down to 10%. You can also put counts in at the start of each loop which is a very clever addition.

Export to Your Computer

When you have setup a loop in this way, you can export it as an mp3 sound file to play on your PC or Ipad. My advice? Build a collection.

EQ Sliders

Slowing down a solo without changing the key and having crystal clear sound at lower speeds is so powerful that I can’t emphasize that enough here. You can heavily adjust the EQ on any piece you are working on. This allows you to bring out the Guitar in a mix and highlight it so that it stands out from the rest of the mix. You’ll be amazed at easy it is to hear what a killer guitarist is doing on any solo.

Another essential extra is the inclusion of a Music Pad/Transcription Area. No more bits of paper lying around and getting lost. Think of it as a great time saver. Build a little collection and you won’t lose it. You can write out the music in notation or tab.

You can find out more at and download their FREE 4-hour demo.  Also, in conjunction with our review of this program, the folks at Song Surgeon offered to give away five free copies in a drawing.  You can register for that drawing here.


 I talked to the people at Song Surgeon, and they told me that they have more than 25 different instruments represented among users, and they have many instructors. They have sold me on the software. I give this software Five Stars!

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  1. Gadour

    There is no difference in lerinang how to play an acoustic guitar and an electric. In fact, it’s better for you if you learn to play on an acoustic FIRST. Then playing on an electric will be cake for you. Also, when I first started playing guitar 8yrs ago I tried to do it myself with books and all. And yeah, they helped. But to get really good and get a better grasp on theory and scales it’s best to find somebody that knows how to play and just ask around to see which of them will give you weekly lessons. This way, if you’re doing something wrong, they can tell you. With a do-it-yourself approach you won’t know if you’re doing something wrong. If you have ANY kind of music store around you, I would be willing to bet money that somebody there will know somebody that is willing to make a little cash on the side by teaching somebody to play the guitar.