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Practicing.  It’s a loaded word.  Musicians can’t get anywhere without it, but what does it really mean, and what is the role of a teacher in the way students learn to practice?

A number of teachers provided some very interesting comments on earlier posts (for example the one about lesson policies), and this topic would be a great one for all of us to read comments (just add one at the end of this post) from you.  After all, everyone thinks about it a little differently and we can learn from other approaches.

“I didn’t get to practice as much as I had hoped.”  Is that the most commonly heard statement by music teachers?  Or is it, “I played it better at home!”

As teachers we often expect different kinds of practice from one student to another–and even different ways of practicing from the same student, depending what’s being worked on and what the student needs at the moment.

Below is a list some of the ways we think about practicing.  Do you see it and/or teach it in any or all of these ways?   [···]

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