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Software Review: NOTEABLE

I have been recently using a software program called “Noteable” which aids my students’ ability to read music, as well as test their skills and send the parents a progress report. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the many features, including five play modes, music, animation, record keeping, and much more.

The animated flashcards make it fun for the students to learn and improve the reading of their music, as the software is adaptable to music for any instrument. The four modes are Piano, Guitar, Solfege, and Note Names.

MIDI is more of an option to answer the questions; ie you can use a MIDI keyboard to answer while in Piano mode or you can use a MIDI guitar for guitar mode.  Having a keyboard or MIDI device is not required.  All modes can be answered by using the mouse and people can use the computer keyboard to answer the note names by letter.

The decks can all be customized to focus on a certain key, position on the piano, clef(s), Accidentals and range.  Check out the Deck Settings to get more ideas if wish.

There is free tech support for both versions.

The quality of the sound produced by the software is excellent. You do, however, need a computer in your studio for the students to learn and be tested with the software. Some students could purchase the basic software for at home training as well.

The pricing is reasonable for NOTEABLE. The Noteable Basic software is only $29.95, and is a good introduction to reading music. Noteable Professional, for $59.95, will even challange expert musicians and is the software to use in your studio.

Some of the many features included are:

  • Create up to 100 unique user profiles
  • Compare personal records and compete for Top Ten List glory
  • Learn notes in the Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor clefs, or create your own custom clefs
  • Learn notes or solfeggios in every key signature
  • Use complete on-screen instruments for piano and guitar
  • Race the reaction time stoplight to improve your reaction times
  • Automatically drill missed notes more often to help you naturally improve
  • Email statistics to a friend, teacher, or family member

They are offering to all teachers to become part of the sales team.  I think that may be an interest to you being that you can sell the program to all of your students and make money by doing it. The reseller link is

and much more! Go to to read more about the program, and even download a trial version to try out with your students. If you currently use the software, or download the trial version, leave me a comment on what you think about “Noteable”.

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  1. Eleanore Miller

    Hi, Ronnie, I read your review of “Notable Professional Read Music Well” and I was wondering if you could take a look at a new software program for older kids (into college) that is an in depth tutorial that introduces students to the wonderful world of composing. It is called Secret Composer. We are trying to get feedback from professional musicians and composers and would be thrilled if you could look at and either leave a comment on the site’s blog or email me. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Eleanore Miller

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