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We are always working hard behind the scenes to add and edit features, as well as fix minor issues that pop up. This past week we fixed several minor bugs and recently launched an updated file area.

This week’s feature updates & fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that input multiple entries of a parent’s payment when multiple Music Teacher’s Helper tabs were open in the same browser.
  • Corrected a bug where the “Set Attendance” screen opened as a new window in some versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Changed the styling of a few field on the event creation screen to make it more intuitive.
  • Corrected a bug that occurred when affiliates signed up with invalid fields on the affiliate form.
  • Fixed an Internet Explorer bug that occurred when deleting an event.
  • Updated Teacher payment entry fields to allow more than 3 digits for those high rollers.
  • Handful of small technical bug fixes.
  • Corrected a small number of accounts at Teacher’s request.

iPhone app recent updates:

  • Fee list bug correction. 
  • Blocked dates are now visible on the calendar. 
  • Total amount owed added in billing section. 
  • Tapping no event date on the calendar allows you to add an event. 
  • Mileage entry now allows for decimals. 
  • You can now resend an invoice from the app.
  • Credit list/create/edit/delete ability added. 
  • Help portal UI updates. 
  • View an existing invoice with additional details like due date, date period, last sent date.
  • Moved the logout button to the side tray. 
  • Student details state province picker updated to be easier to use.

Contact one of our support reps if you are experiencing an issue and we’ll get on it right away. If you have an idea for a new feature, please submit it here. Many of the current features were ideas submitted by members. Happy teaching!

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