Much Improved Music Teacher’s Helper iOS app. Android App On Its Way.

iOS app for music teachers

We are proud to announce that the newest update for the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store. A lot of thought, resources, and testing from current users went into this completely redesigned app that compliments the Music Teacher’s Helper web app. We’re confident you are going to love it. And it’s free to download.


How to download the Music Teacher’s Helper iPhone App:

  1. Select the App Store icon from your iPhone.
  2. Click the “Search” function from the bottom menu.
  3. Type in “Music Teacher’s Helper”.
  4. Then click the cloud icon with a downward facing arrow.

App Store icon.

If you already have the app downloaded, you will see an update available in the App Store. Go ahead and click update to view the new version.

Why use the Music Teacher’s Helper app?studentlist_app

The iPhone app allows you to do and view most functions as the web app version of the software. Here are some examples where the app could come in handy:

  • Easily add, view, or edit student information and call or email them with one click from your phone.
  • View your schedule when not in front of your computer or laptop.
  • Add mileage right from your iPhone before stepping out of your car (make sure to park first!).

There are many more reasons to use the app. Different teachers use it for different reasons.

We haven’t forgotten about Android! 

We are finishing testing for the initial Google Play Store release to support Android devices. We will make an announcement once it’s available.

We’re committed to releasing future updates, and ensure the app runs smoothly. If you have any specific feedback about using the app or encounter any issues, please email That will help us make the app better.

Also, please take a minute and leave a review at the App Store.

To check out the Music Teacher’s Helper iTunes page, click here.

About the Author

Rock Robbins
Rock Robbins is the Marketing Director at Music Teacher's Helper, and a tech enthusiast, musician, and music teacher out of Southern California.


  1. Julie Krueger

    How about a revised app for the iPad? is it out yet?

  2. Andrew

    Hi Julie – no iPad specific app is available and there are no current plans to release one. We do update our software to make sure it runs well on Safari, the default browser for iPads. Thanks!

  3. Carla

    The new app looks much cleaner! I was glad to hear today that you would still integrate the ability to add a payment through the app. Looking forward to when that is back!

  4. Chantale

    Looking forward to the Android version!

  5. Mandy

    The two reasons I used the MTH app in the past were 1. to track payments received at lessons and 2. to track attendance at lessons. I am failing to see any way to do these with this new “improved” version… am I missing something?

  6. Andrew

    Hi Mandy,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Tracking payments received will be released shortly in version 2.2.

    You can track attendance at lessons. I’ve included a link below of screenshots showing how to mark attendance in the app:

  7. valerie chan

    i’ve downloaded the app. Music Helper is quite new to me. Let me get a feel of it before subscribing to the paid service. Thanks anyway 🙂

  8. Steve Falter

    The Android app has extremely limited functionality and is not at all intuitive. The buttons give no clue as to their functions. I realize it’s in Beta and hope a lot of improvements are on the way, such as entering bill payments, for one.

  9. Andrew

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback. We will be quickly adding features and improving the app.

    If you’d like the app to automatically update, you can set that on your Android device. Here are instructions:

    Thanks for your patience and know that we are striving to bring you a more fully functional Android app.