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Stylish storage for SquareUp readers

About six months ago, I started using SquareUp for my studio tuition payments. Since then, I’ve really come to enjoy using Square. It has a lot of advantages over Paypal. In my first post about Square, I mentioned many of the advantages:

– small and portable
– uses your Android phone or iPhone as the credit card reader with a free app
– easy to use
– receipts are instantly sent via text or email
– the money is deposited to YOUR bank account within 24 hours of the transaction occurring
– lower fees than Paypal (see my last blog post for the math on that)

There has been one disadvantage so far; the Square reader is fairly tiny and tends to vanish when needed. I even went so far as to order three Square readers at Christmas time. Even with three in the house, I never seem to be able to find one when I need it.

I have discovered that I’m not alone in this dilemma.

While doing a gig a few weekends ago at a festival, I noticed that the majority of the vendors were using Square. Many of them were having the same problem – the reader is small enough it gets lost easily. One vendor showed me the solution she was using. A Square reader storage pouch that clips to your key chain:

After a quick search of Etsy, I discovered many stylish, professional looking solutions.

If you are interested, check out more SquareUp reader storage pouches at these sites:


Lisa Stewart also shows how her Square reader pouch will double as a case to hold an iPod Shuffle.

The Square Pouch


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  1. Lisa

    Wow! Thanks Brittany for the write up!! I’m so delighted to be featured!


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