Summertime, and the Music Teachin’ is Easy

The following is an article by guest blogger, Fran Beaudry.

McNab TeacherSummertime can wreak havoc on many a music studio. While there’s plenty of potential for students to develop their musical skills, many go on hiatus or drop lessons all together. Its tough to compete with marathon hang time with friends and the inevitable video games. What’s a private music teacher to do?

 Look to Technology

Technology can be a lifesaver in this situation. Online lessons have grown to become a viable and profitable option for music teachers – especially when coupled with a traditional brick and mortar studio. Most households have the necessary equipment to get started; a mic, a webcam and headphones.

 The convenience and time saving make online lessons an attractive option for parents, students and teachers alike. They can be done from any place that has a decent internet connection. Everyone involved can take vacation while still maintaining their musical commitments!

Expand Your Student Roster

Even if you’ve got a handful of students in a traditional studio, you’ve probably got time for more. Removing the location barrier by going online opens up tons of options. Especially when you teach an instrument that is in less demand. There may only be 5 people in your town that want to learn the clarinet (or violin or bassoon), but by opening yourself up to online lessons, you can book students from around the globe. Then, boom, you’ve got a full roster! Even if your numbers drop in the summer, you can always pick up students online.

 Additional Online Advantages

Younger students are learning more through technology than ever before. Music teachers need to stay on top of things to stay relevant. Its worth noting that the the difference in the actual lesson experience is negligible. Also know that time zones are an online music teacher’s best friend. Use them to your advantage – everyone has their own idea of a “convenient” time.

 Just as with your private studio, you’ll need to put energy into marketing your online lessons. If you’re not up to the challenge, consider joining a community like The ZOEN to get matched up with students. This is a great way to maintain a higher number of students during the summer.

Best of luck to you this summer!

Fran_BeaudryGuest contributor Fran Beaudry has over 30 years of experience as a clarinet player and music educator. For more teacher tips follow Fran on Twitter or visit her on The ZOEN.

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  1. Arlo

    One of the biggest advantages to online piano lessons is the ability to pause, re-wind, re-play the lesson at will. The retention rate of information is usually only 20-30% when we listen to someone, and in traditional private lessons it’s impossible to remember everything covered unless we record the lesson.

    It’s so convenient to be able to go back and re-play a part of the lesson multiple times until we understand it.

    Thanks for sharing!