Trying something new…

I’ve been working on promoting and building my studio for the past month.  I got MANY great ideas at the Classical Singer Convention in Chicago at the end of May, thanks to Cynthia Vaughn at Magnolia Music Studio in Fort Collins, CO.  Cynthia has SO many amazing ideas and she worked with several other voice teachers to try to get as many as possible so that we could benefit from all this experience.

Several points were made:

  • Attract & Retain students
  • Show progress with
  • quantifiable advances
  • awards/competitions
  • roles/solos – community based
  • technical goals achieved
  • Have a Student Achievement Page on the studio website
  • Relevance – non-quantifiable advances in:
  • enjoyment
  • validation
  • feedback/applause – studio class BEFORE a recital!
  • Added Value:
  • Options in scheduling and payment (check/credit card)
  • bonuses – register early, get 10% off, register for summer & get free lesson
  • performance opportunities – find out who has space you can use!
  • Gain New Students
    • Word of mouth through different circles
    • teach styles OTHER than Classical/Musical Theater
  • Marketing:
    • Bold, creative, SELECTIVE (no mass emails!)
    • Distinctive logo (see my new logo here!) & business cards
  • Online Business Links
  • Facebook, LinkedIn
  • GOOGLE yourself & find out where you are listed – you might be surprised at what’s there AND what’s not! (I have an OLD listing that I’m trying to modify – the web address leads nowhere) [···]
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