Ashbury Music Hall

This week I taught my first lesson on the Ashbury Music Hall website.

Musician David Gottesman has come up with a way for private studio teachers to reach out to students who want to have lessons, but have problems with time/availability.  David and I initially connected via Twitter in the spring @ashburymusich and @dgottesman.  I have created several videos (to go with a 10-week lesson outline).  My biggest concerns was whether or not I would have direct contact with the student, and how easy it would be to tailor each lesson to students.

I have spent several hours on the phone with David (and Justin Flores, his right-hand man) working out a way for me to feel like this was something I could feel comfortable doing (and actually be able to help students!).  Emails have been flying.

My experience has been positive overall.  It’s definitely an experiment, but one, because of Dave’s willingness to work with me and help me tweak the system to fit my teaching style, that I think will be a success, as long as we can spread the word and keep working out technical difficulties. [···]

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