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lp-3.aspxHere it is again – time to plan for my next studio Holiday Recital! The following is a flowchart of what needs to be done when:

  1. Venue – Call various venues (churches, libraries, school halls) in town and see which ones are available on what dates. Decide on the date and pay a deposit to secure the venue. This must be done by early October.
  2. Notice – Let students and parents know when and where the recital will be, and see how many students will participate. Deadline for registration is end of October.
  3. Invites – Make postcard invitations with students names on the back. I design and order these from Vistaprint. This must be done by the first week of November – it takes about two weeks to arrive in the mail (to avoid hefty shipping fee), so students still have plenty of time to hand these out to friends and family.
  4. Music – Select what each student is going to play. Some students will play regular repertoire, some will play Christmas music, some will play duets with a sibling. I try not to have duplicates of titles, so we do not have 10 kids playing Jingle Bells! This must be done by mid November.
  5. Gifts – Decide what to give to each student at the recital. Purchase these by end of November to allow plenty time for personalization/wrapping.
  6. Program – Start working on program order as soon as possible, but go to print just a few days before the recital to allow for last minute changes.

Of the above, number 4 takes the most amount of time. Every year, I am on the lookout for new arrangements of Christmas music. This keeps the recital fresh, so we always have something new to listen to, as well as the familiar favorites that everyone loves. Here are the new additions to my ever-expanding Christmas music library: [···]

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With the retail hype surrounding the festive season starting earlier and earlier every year I am reluctant to write a post about Christmas in October, however this is the time of year that I start to prepare my students for the upcoming holiday season. I have just written to the parents of my students with some suggestions for sheet music orders.  [···]

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