digital recording software

Audacity is a software package used for digital audio editing. It works in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. It is also absolutely free, which is fantastic for musicians or students on ANY budget.

I originally encouraged students to download this program so they can write and record their original songs and create band demos. Several students are also considering careers in live sound and recording, so for them this is an easy, inexpensive springboard into computer based recording. Audacity has been used by my students for multi-track recording, converting cassettes to CD or MP3, and for creating small, portable recording systems for live recording.

Screen shot of a demo a student is recording.

An unintended benefit is that Audacity has also been evolving into a valuable practice and self improvement tool for the students of my studio.

There are three easy ways to use Audacity to enhance your practice time:

1) Recording practices

2) Slowing down the tempo of a song without changing pitch

3) Looping difficult sections for focused practice


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