At Music Teacher’s Helper, customer feedback has always had an enormous influence on shaping our software. Every feature we’ve added over the years has come because of customer requests. This month, we are switching to a new customer service and feature request tool called Uservoice, to help us hear you even better.

You can now submit your own feature requests and bug reports, and see their progress along with everything else we’re working on. You also get 10 votes you can put toward your top choices for what you’d like us to work on next. We hope this tool will help us better understand which features are most important to our customers, and also give you a better idea of what’s coming. We think this will be an important tool that will allow us serve you ever better.

We’ll be implementing it fully over the next couple weeks, but for now, please visit http://mth.uservoice.com to submit the ideas that are most important to you. If you have e-mailed our customer support team in the past about a new feature request, please resubmit it again here so we know it’s still important to you.

Uservoice also has a nice  [···]

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Here is a list of our latest features and updates that we released in January, 2011. We hope you enjoy these new updates.


Bug Fixes

  • Added Google Sync optimizations to help the calendar sync more accurately and quickly.
  • After downgrading  [···]
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My private vocal studio is comprised mostly of high school students.  I have regular studio classes, for which I hire various pianists.  The main goal of this is help students learn BEFORE college the fine art of working with a pianist.  This is vitally important, I think, when teaching music (especially voice, as the voice is rarely presented alone).

I also hire pianists to play for the two annual NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) competitions that we have each year here in Arizona.  I try to contact pianists well in advance.  When I contact each pianist, I spell out projected dates, amount of pay, and what the projected repertoire is.  I keep in contact with the pianist, and ask if it’s okay whenever there is a schedule change, BEFORE I confirm it with the students.

Most importantly, I found over the years that I got incredibly nervous when it came to paying the pianist.  After enough times running after students to make sure they had paid, I decided to use MTH’s [···]

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