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Recently, our neighborhood in suburban Denver enjoyed the grand opening of the “Streets of Southglenn”. Once a mall, it is now a village of specialty shops, restaurants, flower-pot-adorned streets, department stores, fountains and a natural foods grocery store. This national chain store features local rock bands and small ensembles during special store functions.

One evening, while shopping and dining–yes there is even a place to dine at this organic market–a band was playing up on the balcony, an extension of the dining area. Inspired by the live music instead of the typical “musack”, I envisioned a piano up in the balcony and opening performance opportunities to local teachers and their students and local artists. [···]

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If you have a Google account, you can now sync your Music Teacher’s Helper calendar to your Google Calendar! This allows you to take advantage of some of the great options that Google provides, such as:

  • See your personal, studio, and other events on the same calendar.
  • Sync your calendar with other calendars such as Outlook or iCal.
  • Sync your calendar with mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Blackberry.
  • Place your calendar on a remote website, such as your Music Teacher’s Helper website.

To setup Google Calendar Syncing, log into your Music Teacher’s Helper account, and go to Calendar -> Calendar Sync. [···]

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