how to schedule music makeup lessons

Create Make-up Credits & Set Make-up Credit Expiration

Sometimes students can’t attend a lesson. With Music Teacher’s Helper, you can choose whether to offer a make-up lesson, issue a cash credit, or continue charging for the lesson. If you offer make-up lessons, here’s how you issue, track and now set make-up lesson credits that expire. 


  1. Set the Make-up Lesson Credit expiration in the Settings page. Click the Drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner, and go to “Settings”.



  1. Click on the Studio Settings tab.



  1. You can set a time limit for which a make-up lesson credit is valid. If a student doesn’t use the make-up lesson by then, it will expire. Choose the number of days you would like make-up credits to be valid for. If you don’t want the make-up lesson to expire, you can leave this field blank, or enter 0. Click “Submit” on the bottom right to save your changes.        
  2. Click on an event on the calendar that needs a make-up.
  3. Click “Set Attendance”  & check “Issue Credit for this lesson (refund or make-up)”.




  1. Check either Issue Make-up Credit or Issue Cash Credit(Refund).
  2. Enter any notes about why you’re issuing this credit.
  3. Click Submit to save your changes.


Manage Your Existing Make-up Credits

  1. To see a list of all your make-up credits, in the main menu, click “Calendar”, then “Make-up Lesson Credits. The expiration date (if there is one) is shown in the results.
  2. You should see an expiry date when you view the make-up lesson credit in the Make-up Lesson Credits page. If you do not see an expiry date, then you have your settings at no expiration.

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You can now select makeup lesson credits for a sibling of a student when editing a calendar event. This allows you to use the lesson credit of one student for another student within the family.

Here’s a list of other improvements and fixes made this past week:

  • Updated registration page on Studio sites so that notification of a problem with the submission is more informative and easy to understand.
  • Removed irrelevant items from the “Advanced Search” function’s drop down lists.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Set Attendance pop up box to freeze for random teachers.
  • Added the name of the quote’s author to the Music Staff website theme.
  • Solved an issue that prevented display of the “Start Date” column’s data for some teachers on the “Blocked Dates” page.
  • Corrected display of Blog Posts for some students after logging in to their dashboard.
  • Added “Notes” field content to Mileage tracker’s exported spreadsheet.

Lastly, we are finishing up modifications to the new look for Music Teacher’s Helper, which will be released during the holiday break. There will be lots of information regarding the new look coming over the next couple weeks. Have a great weekend!

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