Recently I set the challenge for some of my students to find what they thought was the most useful free music iPhone app. A recent focus in my studio on developing aural skills was evident when multiple students came back raving about a free app called ‘Ear Trainer Lite’ (the full Ear Trainer app costs $7.49). [···]

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MTH-iphone-screenshot-paymentsWe are pleased to announce that we have launched the mobile app for Music Teacher’s Helper! This app will allow you to quickly access important information on your Music Teacher’s Helper account through your mobile phone. The app will work on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other smart phones with web-kit enabled browsers.

To access the mobile app, open up your cell phone browser and go to: http://www.musicteachershelper.com/mobile

We’ve kept the mobile app clean and simple. It’s not meant to be a fully-fledged version of Music Teacher’s Helper, or a replacement for it, but it should give you the information about your studio you’ll need to access while on the road. (Actually, don’t use it while driving, okay?)

On the Music Teacher’s Helper mobile app, you can review your student lists and their contact information, see a list of your upcoming (and past) lessons, reconcile your lessons, view a summary of each student’s billing status, and see your studio’s financial transactions, payments, and invoices. Currently, the mobile app only supports teacher logins – students and parents cannot login. We’ll be adding more functionality to it as time goes on.

We hope you enjoy this new way to access your studio. It’s been our number one request for quite a while, so we’re happy to finally be able to give it to you. Check out the mobile app today and let us know what you think!

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