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CONFUSED Lesson notes EXCEL with MTH!

How do your students know what to do at home, after their lesson? [···]

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Someone once said that “the most important word in the English language is a person’s name!” These profound words underline the importance of properly using the names of our music students. The first step in developing any relationship with another human is to learn their name. Our name is the means to identify us from the crowd. It becomes part of our personality. It always impresses me when someone I don’t know too well, remembers and calls me by my forename. To me, this says a lot about them as a person. Why! All of us parents have spent much time agonising over what to call our children, it’s important that that effort should not be wasted!!! But isn’t this obvious?

Let me tell you about one of my  [···]

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One of my favourite features of Music Teacher’s Helper is the Lesson Notes. I imagine that teachers use this feature in a variety of ways. Perhaps you use the notes as a practice reminder for your students, as a way of communicating with their parents, or as a reminder for yourself. I use them in all three ways.

When I first started using Music Teacher’s Helper, I was surprised at the number of parents who commented on how much they valued the weekly feedback (despite the fact that I had been sending lesson notes home in a notebook for years prior!). I suppose the ease and immediacy of an email is decidedly better than relying on the parent to find & read the student’s notebook on a weekly basis. [···]

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