Marketing your studio

After hearing Mannheim Steamroller’s first Christmas album (quite a while ago), I have been a huge fan of creative arrangements of holiday music. From “Jingle Bells”, to “Deck the Halls” to “Carol of the Bells”, most people from any religious preference recognize and seem to enjoy the tunes of the season. These familiar melodies attract students, and, when coupled with wonderful arrangements offered by current composers, the combination provides great tools for propelling budding pianists to new levels of playing.  Below is a list of ideas for utilizing the tunes and spirit of the season to enhance student’s learning experience and progress. Yes, I know a little late for this December–but now there is plenty of time to plan ahead for next year!

Shop Early
So many books/series include a CD that most students choose their holiday recital piece by listening to various options–usually in October (early, I know!) Every CD I own has been imported to iTunes and then moved to my iPod. Thanks to one cable, the iPod conveniently hooks to my Clavinova and high quality speakers allow students to select a favorite piece and begin to prepare early to guarantee a successful performance.

Make a List and Check it Twice
As students move closer to the performance date, they are welcomed to try out their pieces on “Bella”–my Yamaha C6 residing in my upstairs living room (instead of the piano in the studio). While there, we review the 5 p’s of performing:  [···]

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Marketing for new students can be frustrating. You put out the advertising piece (whatever it may be) and wait for people to call for lessons. This can really be stressful, especially if you really need to fill some openings right now. To help keep the students rolling into your studio on a consistent basis, you need to market on a regular basis. To help with that, I’ve created a marketing calendar to help you keep in front of your audience. It starts in August, since next month is August.


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