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I have had my Google Calendar display my free/busy information on my studio website for several months now.  This makes it VERY easy for me to tell students, go look at the calendar & you’ll know when I’m absolutely not available.  Then, come to me with suggested times YOU are available and we’ll have skipped a step in “negotiations.”  This makes things MUCH less frustrating to me, and my students can see how valuable my time is.

I previously just used one Google calendar for all of my times I wanted posted (for example: I have the times that my children are in school, but it’s not in my “main” calendar, it’s in my “home” calendar & thus doesn’t display on the website at all).  Now, that MTH syncs my Google Calendar with my studio website (and it seems MOST of the bugs are worked out), I ended up with double appointments showing on my Google Calendar HomePage (I had students listed and then MTH added in appointments).  This quickly got confusing, so I checked to see what I could do to merge the two calendars for display on my website (with no duplication of appointments in either place, but all my business noted – as not every time I’m busy am I teaching).

Google has an answer!  (NOTE: You will have to click on each of the following images to enlarge them & view them properly.)   [···]

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